Caprica Scouting Mission

June 2, 2007

One of the coolest things about being in Vancouver has got to be that we are “Hollywood North.” In general, Vancouverites are pretty cool about it. We see film sets every day, we occasionally spot movie stars in our midst and yet rarely do we bother them. Canadians are notoriously polite. We would not dream of imposing ourselves on anyone.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t totally geek out when the stars aren’t around! The 13th Colony recently undertook the first of several “Caprica Scouting” missions planned for this summer. Seeing as Vancouver is where Battlestar Galactica is shot, Vancouver serves as Caprica, New Caprica, Kobol and other locations within the fleet. We started with Season One, checking out a number of locations in downtown that were featured in the first season episode “Litmus.” A bunch of us studied a collection of screen shots from Season One and tried to identify where the episodes were shot. A dozen of us started the day at Vancouver’s Central Library, which is where the banner photograph for this blog was taken. The Library was an easy place to start since it is a popular landmark in our city. Those two Cylons are actually “mini-mate” toys, readily available at your local comic book store.

Another easy to spot location was the roof of the old Woodwards building. The giant W sign in the background marks the spot where No. 6 beats the frak out of Sharon just to make it look convincing. Woodwards is gone now, a hole in the ground currently being rebuilt into trendy condos. We had also narrowed down a restaurant called The Alibi Room as the place where Helo and Sharon hide out from the Cylons. The storefront was digitally altered, but still recognizable.

But clearly our triumph of the day was finding what I call “Helo’s Fire Escape.” Vancouver’s downtown east side is filled with alleys that are covered in vibrant and colourful graffiti. With a little help, we found a promising location and headed off. Now if you don’t know Vancouver, you might not know that the east side of our downtown is decidedly rough. It’s been in the news recently for its drug problems and the trial of a particularly notorious serial killer. It is an area most people stay away from if they can. Needless to say, the members of the 13th Colony had to be convinced to enter this particular alley to check it out, even during the day and even in the company of eleven other geeks and two cylon toys. But I was on a mission to find the place, and I think the result was worth it.

HeloHelo’s Fire Escape

Here’s a picture we took. The building is behind a fence since it is the last building that remains in that alley, before the great hole the will soon be the Woodwards condos begins. The graffiti is beautiful. But the coolest thing is knowing that the cast and crew of our favourite show lingered at this spot and used it to create a scene which transports us to a different world. A world without the broken glass and discarded needles of a downtown alley. Granted, Caprica has its own problems. Nuclear proliferation and Cylon invasion are no picnic, I’m sure. But it’s fiction. And we love it.

Our group is planning more Caprica Location Scouting missions during the summer. The campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver served as several locations aboard Cloud Nine. And Simon Fraser University in Burnaby has been featured as locations on Caprica and Kobol. The interior of the Orpheum Theatre on Granville Street is where D’Eanna got her first glimpse of the “Final Five”, and has been featured in the dreams of Gaius Baltar and Laura Roslin. It is a beautiful theatre in it’s own right and this year marks its 80th anniversary, so we’re signing up for a tour.

A few months ago, when our club first started, we chose as our motto, “We found Earth, but where can we find coffee?!” Now I’m thinking a better motto might be, “We’re here, and you’re not.” Not to rub it in…too much.



  1. Man, you are lucky to live in the same city most of the locations for BSG are filmed! Must give you a great sense of pride, which i completely understand.

    The New Dr Who and spin-off Torchwood are filmed Cardiff (the city right next to mine) successful productions like these have a great effect on people 🙂


  2. […] is under construction and you might not be able to get to that actual doorway. We got close, and we blogged about it. Alas, the old Woodwards building with it’s familiar W sign, where the Cylons were […]

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