By your command…

June 13, 2007

WorshipSome days are all about coffee.

The 13th Colony’s motto, “We found Earth, now where can we find coffee?!” was originally born out of 1) my personal addiction, and 2) my quandry as an organizer about what a good location would be for our group to meet for the first time. This is Vancouver after all, so coffee places are the most likely venues just for the sheer number and variety of them. Our first meet-up was at a Tim Horton’s location. A very popular chain in Canada, not surprising considering its hockey connection.  Plus, they have timbits!  Very quickly, however,  it became apparent that I needed to find, not just good coffee, but a shop with enough space to fit all of us. Twenty people showed up that first day.  We had to re-locate.

We’ve tried another chain since, and had a couple events at a local diner. But our quest for the perfect coffee shop we can call “home” continues.

Perhaps I should ask the Cylons what they prefer?

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