Getting Some Respect

July 19, 2007

From Exodus, Pt2Battlestar Galactica has been nominated for four Emmy awards. Surprisingly for a genre show, the nominations include nods in the directing and writing categories, as well as nominations for sound editing and visual effects.

Considering the jaw-dropping sequence from “Exodus, Pt 2” when the Galactica slammed into the atmosphere on New Caprica, I think the chances are pretty good our favourite show will actually win something.

I have always said that BSG is one of the best written shows on TV, period. However, in my opinion, entertainment groups with “Academy” in their titles don’t tend to be the most open-minded. I will be pleasantly surprised if Ronald D. Moore wins for writing “Occupation/Precipice” or if Felix Alcala wins for directing “Exodus, Pt 2” but I don’t think it is likely.

But it must be satisfying to be so damn good they can’t ignore you.

One comment

  1. Someday, you’ll see, BSG will be like the Velvet Underground, the coolest name-checking band that hardly anybody ever listened to at the time.

    Just wait until we’re all old and stuff. We’ll turn on the Emmys and they’ll be doing some kind of retrospective on BSG, saying how underappreciated it was in its time. A graying Katee and Jamie will be there to accept some kind of special tribute award, which they’ll dedicate to the late great Mary McDonnel and EJO. šŸ™‚

    I mean, it’d be nice if they could get some recognition NOW, but honestly, I think that’s about how it’ll all go down. Always how it is with the great ones, sadly.

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