All Lit Up

August 3, 2007

Glowing Ta Da!

Here’s what the Cylon Raider Lantern looked like once the glowsticks were put in and the sun went down. It is tough to photograph, so I’m afraid these pics don’t do it justice. Illuminares is just one of those events where you really have to be there to understand how magical everything can look by the light of a lantern.

There were quite a few people who noticed and recognized it, which was great. The two red glowsticks bent over the front really added a nice effect.Checking out the new guy I’m not sure that green is the best colour to use, even though it is certainly the easiest colour of glowstick to find. I’m thinking of blue for next year. I’m going to keep the overall frame, but rip the covering off and replace it with paper. The gray paint wasn’t translucent enough so the ship didn’t glow very brightly. It was certainly more stealthy in the dark that way, but I do want it to be noticed, after all.

One comment

  1. Coooool. I particularly love the red glow sticks.

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