The Good Sheppard

August 30, 2007

Romo LampkinThere hasn’t been much official news regarding Battlestar Galactica lately, and some big questions are hanging out there, but one fan claims to have at least one of the answers.

Confirmation that the very talented Mark Sheppard will be returning for Season Four is not a big surprise, but certainly good news. When word came down awhile ago that he would be joining the cast of NBC’s upcoming Bionic Woman, shot right next door to BSG in Vancouver, I had my fingers firmly crossed. I first noticed Sheppard as a recurring villain on Medium and he’s already got quite a following among the Browncoats from his stint as Badger on Firefly. Honestly though, it was his fascinating portrayal of Romo Lampkin in the last three episodes of Season Three of Battlestar Galactica that made me a fan. There is a reason people are still talking about his character several months later. He showed us several new shades of gray on a show that specializes in exploring the darker sides of its characters. Sheppard’s performance was subtle, yet riveting. You couldn’t tell when he was lying or when he was telling the truth, and the intriguing possibility was that he himself might not have cared which was which.

I’ve had the pleasure recently of listening to a couple of the official BSG podcast commentaries on the final episodes of Season Three, and it has been interesting to hear Sheppard talk about his experiences working on the show. While having someone else to talk to during the recording sessions might have made it a more comfortable experience for Sheppard, I have to admit that having your iPod feed that voice into your ear during your morning commute makes going to work seem indulgent. I certainly got a few looks and I’ll bet people were looking at the smile on my face and wondering just what I was thinking.

Kudos to the producers for bringing Romo back for another appearance. Now hurry up and tell us when Season Three will be out on DVD, will ya?!

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