To Frak or Not to Frak?

November 1, 2007

I was surprised at how much thought I put into the question of whether or not I should call our next event “Razor Party” or “Razor Frak Party.” It’s not like frak is a real swear word, or that it means we’re getting together to have sex with shaving gear, it’s just a phrase that helps other BSG fans recognize us. In the end, I chose to include it. So, The 13th Colony will be holding a Razor Frak Party on November 24th at our favourite diner, Eighties. Here in Vancouver, Space Channel will start airing the movie at 6 pm, so we’ll gather early and have plenty of time to settle in and whip ourselves into a frak frenzy. (Ok, now that one did sound a little rude…)

One comment

  1. I say FRAK!

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