Pegasus Refresher

November 6, 2007

PegasusA bunch of us from The 13th Colony got together over the weekend to re-watch three of the Pegasus episodes from Season Two as a sort of warm-up for the upcoming Razor TV movie. Besides snacking on frak-furters, toaster snacks and ambrosia, we watched the extended episode of Pegasus and both parts of Resurrection Ship.

A few things leapt out at me:

Admiral Cain clearly recognized Baltar as soon as she stepped foot on Galactica and seemed very surprised to find him aboard. I have to wonder if this detail isn’t going to figure in to the Razor story since we know it will deal with a different version of Six who got close to Cain before the attack that destroyed the Colonies. Cain and Baltar have a lot in common and I wonder if Cain knew that.

I realize that “artistic license” can be used as an excuse for a lot of decisions made in the writing room, but it still seems to me that the rules aren’t clear for how much certain Cylon models are aware of what their counterparts are experiencing. “Head Six” had no idea the prisoner on the Pegasus was another Six, yet “Athena” remembered Adama’s speech about finding Earth when she had been down on Caprica with Helo at the time. Who knows, maybe there are different rules for Head versions than physical models.

Nit-picking, yes. Just because it’s so damned intriguing. 

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