Rooting for the Underdog

November 7, 2007

Jake and his bowlGood news for Battlestar Galactica Season Four…Jake will make another appearance. No word yet on whether or not he gets a new bowl.

Recently spent some time going through Ronald D. Moore’s Q & A session over at the Scifi.com forum and found that little tidbit.

As D’Anna Biers noted when she met him on New Caprica, Jake doesn’t care if someone is human or Cylon.  Perhaps therein lies the key to a lasting peace.

One comment

  1. How did Jake survive the exodus of New Caprica? Hmm…Maybe D’Anna took him with her onto the basestar. After all, she let Baltar come along, and at the time anyway, I think she liked Jake better. 😉

    You never know. Maybe Hera has had a loyal pet to play with all this time.

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