November 26, 2007

Aaron DouglasThat’s actually a quote from Aaron Douglas, who served as MC for an event called “Boozapalooza” at the Commodore in Vancouver on Saturday night. It was the 10th anniversary celebration for local band The Town Pants. The club was packed and the music was great and the crowd was obviously having lots of fun. Aaron did a great job as MC, though I think “whiskey delivery boy” would be as good a title for his duties, as the band had to be re-supplied frequently for “toasts” to the crowd. Presto, Aaron would appear, shot glasses in hand!

Aaron wasn’t the only Galactica actor there, Ryan Robbins (Charlie Connor on BSG) played along on a couple of songs on the didgeridoo and Aleks Paunovic (Sgt. Fisher) was also on hand.

There were three of us from The 13th Colony there, and though we didn’t manage to introduce ourselves to Aaron or the other actors, we kind figured Aaron added in the “Abso-frakkin-lutely!” just for us.


One comment

  1. You should have gone and said hello to Aaron. He was expecting you to and so was Ryan. Never mind. Next time 🙂

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