Calling All Canucklehead BSG Fans!

November 29, 2007

Want to show your support for the Vancouver Canucks AND help Battlestar Galactica creator Ronald D Moore and other screenwriters from the WGA to put pressure on the big studios to resolve the month-old writer’s strike AT THE SAME TIME? Moore has just given you the opportunity with this post in his blog:

How would you like to go to a hockey game with the Chief?

That’s right, our own Aaron Douglas will take one fan to a Canucks hockey game, along with another buddy of his up in Vancouver. And how can you score this treat? Simple. By going to Pencils2MediaMoguls.com and buying as many boxes of pencils as you can. On the first page (which is a subset of United Hollywood) you’ll see a place to identify which show you’re supporting. Type in “BSG Aaron Douglas” and we’ll enter your name into a raffle, with the lucky winner getting to attend the hockey game with Aaron.

If you haven’t been following, the pencils campaign is modelled after the nuts campaign of earlier in the year, which saw “Jericho” get an order for more episodes after fans deluged the network offices with nuts, inspired by one of the show’s beloved characters who used to say ‘Nuts!” all the time.

I’m sure that spending an evening watching Roberto Luongo, the Sedin twins, Marcus Naslund and Trevor Linden do their stuff will be made even more enjoyable by getting to go with Aaron Douglas!

One comment

  1. Update: Aaron Douglas says that if the winner of the raffle is unable to get to Vancouver for the game, he will personally call them and arrange so send a signed piece of memorabilia.

    Furthermore, more BSG stars have risen to the challenge–Mary McDonnell, Tricia Helfer, Michael Hogan, Jamie Bamber and Michael Trucco have all said they will make personal calls to fans who win the raffle. If you want the chance to get a call, fill in “BSG (actor’s name” when asked what show you are supporting.

    For more info, check Ron Moore’s blog, or the always interesting Galactica Sitrep.

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