Walk All Over Me

November 30, 2007

Walk All Over MeTricia Helfer obviously understands a lot about image and fantasy. As a model, she had the versatility to show many looks and become many versions of ideal female beauty. On Battlestar Galactica, she’s had an opportunity to show some considerable acting chops as she plays the many different versions of Six, from triumphant to suicidal, brutal to seductive. As dominatrix Celene in the film Walk All Over Me, she seems to be drawing on the same well.

The film stars Helfer and Leelee Sobieski as roommates in Vancouver. When Alberta (Sobieski) runs into trouble with the mob, she impersonates her roommate in order to earn some extra cash. From the looks of the trailer, this gets her into a world of trouble. Didn’t she know it’s never wise to mess with a Cylon?

Though the film played at both the Cannes and Toronto film festivals, the distributor has asked that no reviews be posted in advance of its commercial screening, so I haven’t found any advance reaction to pass along. But chances are, if you’re a Tricia Helfer fan, or otherwise interested in a film about a pair of dominatrices, I doubt anyone else’s opinion matters.

Walk All Over Me opens Friday December 7th at Tinseltown in Vancouver. Members of the cast and crew will be on hand to answer questions after the 7pm and 9pm screenings. At this point, I do not have confirmation that Tricia Helfer will be attending.


  1. Neither do I. I contacted the distributor for more information but haven’t received a response yet. I’ll let you now if I can confirm anything.

  2. Check the next story for an update on who will be attending the screening.

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