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Canada Doesn’t Have to Wait

February 29, 2008

Happily, Canadian Battlestar Galactica fans will not have to wait any longer than our neighbours to the south to see Season Four. Space Channel has confirmed that they will air the BSG Season 4 premiere, “He That Believeth in Me” on Friday, April 4th, 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern. Space producer Mark Askwith says, “This was a complex decision, but given how plot driven the 4th season is, we felt this was best.”

Posting over at Space Channel’s BSG Message Board Askwith promises Space Channel will also air exclusive BSG content between now and the premiere date.

That silence you hear is a whole bunch of Canadian BSG fans going nuts….. in our typically understated and polite way!


If You Try and Sneak in, Cylons Will Get You

February 29, 2008

The question we get asked most often is “Can I get a tour of CIC or Adama’s quarters?” The simple answer is: no.

All of the interior sequences of Battlestar Galactica are shot at Vancouver Film Studios. The studio is not open to the public. You can only get a tour of the set if you know someone who works on the show…and quite frankly, we’re not that well connected. If you want to get a typical Vancouverite’s view of the studio, hop on our Skytrain and head out on the Millennium Line between Rupert and Gilmore stations. The elevated track runs right over both Vancouver Film Studios and Bridge Studios (where Stargate: Atlantis is made) and if you are very lucky, you might catch a glimpse of something.
vancouver film studios
And really….who would want to interrupt them while they are busy making more of our favourite show?


BSG Shooting Locations – Downtown Vancouver

February 22, 2008

One of the earliest decisions made by the members of The 13th Colony was to seek out the publicly accessible shooting locations in and around Vancouver. Last summer, we did a series of Scouting Missions around town. We even got a write-up over at Since then, I’ve had requests from many people who are planning vacations to Vancouver this year and want to re-create what we’ve done. So, over the next several weeks, I’ll be making regular blog posts on how to get where we’ve been and what we’ve got planned for this year.

Since visitors to Vancouver often end up in the downtown area to see the tourist sights and it also just happens to be full of many familiar backdrops from Season One of BSG, we’ll start there.

At the start of Bastille Day you get to see one of Vancouver’s most famous landmarks, the Central Library. The view is from the corner of Homer and Robson in downtown Vancouver. It is also a damn fine library and surrounded by many of Vancouver’s fine coffee establishments, so well worth your time.

Later on, when Helo is on his own in Litmus, being watched from above by Sharon, Six and Doral, he goes down a fire escape into a graffiti covered alleyway. This alley is located north of the Pub 340 at 340 Cambie Street. Currently, the area is under construction and you might not be able to get to that actual doorway. We got close, and we blogged about it. Alas, the old Woodwards building with its familiar W sign, where the Cylons were standing, is gone now.

Later on, Sharon and Helo hide out in a restaurant to take a rest, and that is The Alibi Room at 157 Alexander Street. Note that the storefront was quite compressed in the shot used for the show so it looks a bit different in reality.

The ramp where Six and Doral talk in Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down is on Cordova between Thurlow and Burrard.

The Orpheum Theatre is one of Vancouver’s finest theatres, dating back more than 80 years. The interior of which is where Six led Baltar to see “their” baby, where D’Anna saw the Final Five and where Roslin, Sharon and Six all shared a vision at the end of Season Three. Theatre tours are available in the summer and we are certainly planning to take in one of those this year.

Below is a map showing the relative proximity of all of these locations. Have fun!

Map of Downtown Vancouver


Still Waiting…

February 22, 2008

Space ChannelThere is still no word on when Battlestar Galactica Season Four will begin airing in Canada. Space Channel producer Mark Askwith has assured fans they are working on scheduling issues and will let us know as soon as possible. It is likely that BSG will air during the same weekend it premieres in the US, but not guaranteed to be on the Friday night. Space is currently re-airing 2 hours of Season Three episodes every Sunday and will reach the end of that season the weekend prior to Sci-Fi Channel’s Season Four premiere on April 4th.

As soon as we have a date….we will plan a 13th Colony event and let everybody know.


Whew! Glad that’s over

February 13, 2008

A local website is reporting that the Battlestar Galactica production office in Vancouver re-opened this week.  Since the writer’s strike is now over, I have removed the “Battlestar Fans support the Writers” icon from our sidebar.   While I am very glad an agreement has been reached that means BSG fans will eventually get to see the end of the series, I still hold out the hope that someday, Hollywood will realize that writers are worth more.

I belive that good writing is the basis for any good television or film project.  A famous actor can attract attention to a project and a good performance can overcome poor direction but without a good story you’re doomed.

Battlestar Galactica fans are lucky.


A Cylon in Paradise

February 7, 2008

Mayan Riviera

Why did the Cylon go to the Yucatan?

Because rain and snow are so hard on the joints….

*This winter interlude is brought to you by the traveling members of The 13th Colony.