Season Four Premiere Frak Party

March 13, 2008

Cylon CoffeeIt’s been a very long year, hasn’t it?

On April 4th, at 7pm PDT, the long wait comes to an end with the premiere of “He That Believeth in Me,” the Season Four opener of Battlestar Galactica. So of course, a bunch of Vancouver BSG fans are getting together to watch the show!

The 13th Colony is holding a Premiere Frak Party (PFP) at Eighties Restaurant, our favourite sci-fi friendly hangout in North Vancouver. The Burrard Inlet Fan Fellowship (BIFF) usually takes over the big screen at Eighties on Friday nights but they’ve generously agreed to make that Friday a special BSG night. (We suspect a number of BIFFers might actually be 13th Colonists in clever “generic geek” disguises.)

Wanna watch the premiere with other fans who are just as keen on seeing what happens as you are? Who’ve been waiting a frakkin’ long time to find out? And who will be absolutely dead silent during the show but freak out during commercials? Then join us! For more details, visit our Meetup event page here.


  1. Looks like an awesome party that you’ve planned!

  2. just pls. do not show up in customes!! we expect BSG fans to be more mature than star trek/wars ones… after all this show tries to show a more realistic dimension in its sci-fi approach.

  3. We’ve never had anyone show up in costume yet. While I agree that part of the appeal of BSG is it’s gritty reality, I have to disagree about the relative maturity of Star Wars & Star Trek fans, since I’ve been an avid fan of both since the 1970s and I did dress up as Princess Leia for Halloween in Grade 5… in 1977!

  4. Sounds like a fun party! If I lived in Van-city, I’d definitely show up in costume 😉

    Do you guys have wifi? Anyone interested in liveblogging the premiere with me at http://www.shiftedit.com/Thread.aspx?Id=195 ?

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