Battlestar Back At It

March 25, 2008

As of today, the cast and crew of Battlestar Galactica are back at work in our fair city. Shooting on the last half of the final season is expected to continue from now until the end of June.

Co-Executive Producer Mark Verheiden reports in his blog that shooting will start today on Episode 12, which will be directed by none other than Ronald D. Moore himself, and will mark Moore’s first time in the director’s chair. For his part, Moore says he’s excited to be behind the camera for this one, but will focus on telling a good story rather than trying to be too clever.

Good luck to everyone and welcome back to Vancouver!

One comment

  1. Oh man, what a treat that must be.

    I absolutely love the storyline in BSG. It has all the esoteric mysticism of lost with excellent future battles and plot twists of a contemporary Sci-Fi thriller.

    Keep us updated!

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