Starbuck’s Mandala Hat – Knit Your Own!

April 2, 2008

mandala hatDo you think Cylons know how to knit?

I wish I could! At least I know a few avid knitters I can beg to or plead with to make me one of these…

WordPress blogger QuirkyKnitGirl has created a hat pattern inspired by Starbuck’s mandala from Battlestar Galactica. All the right colours, and it even has the twist. What a wonderfully warm way to honour your favourite show and identify yourself on the street as a BSG fan. Of course, you’ll have to duke it out with all those Firefly fans who are convinced the Jayne hats are more cunning…

Kudos toQuirkyKnitGirl!


  1. As long as I convince someone to knit one for me!!! The Jayne’s hat attempt was a disaster (though I did get it done…with a hole in the font!!!) and I’m just not sure I could do a second…

  2. That is the most beautiful hat!

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