So Saw We All!

April 8, 2008

The fourth season of Battlestar Galactica got off to a good start for The 13th Colony, as we had a record of 35 people out to our Premiere Party at Eighties in North Vancouver. Judging from the number of complaints on the blogs about how few “frak parties” there were planned this time around, we might have had one of the biggest gatherings in North America.

Baltar on the big screenThe first episode was just as good as we expected, even though the expectations were very high after such a long wait. The restaurant staff did their best to get dinner on the table for everyone before the show or during commercial breaks. The crowd had been warned that any interruption would result in being thrown out the airlock! Of course, Eighties doesn’t have an airlock, and threats weren’t necessary. The crowd was enthusiastic and very attentive.

It was great to watch the opening on a big screen so we could appreciate the beautiful special effects work. Of course, Baltar’s roving eye and rolling eyes got the biggest reactions over the hour, but like him or hate him, we weren’t about to stop watching.

We had a prize for the person who could present the best case for “Who Is the Final Cylon?” I’ll blog about the results later, but they will certainly surprise you. Moore & Co. clearly have us all guessing and nearly every character is a possibility. No wonder there was so much lively discussion after the show!

Watching the showAs usual at our events, we had a donation poll, this time asking the question of “Who is the best love match for Kara Thrace?” Lee Adama was the clear front-runner, but I suspect there was vote-rigging involved since Colonel Tigh came in second. Leoben and Laura each got sizeable donations, but poor Anders, the actual husband, only garnered 3% of the vote.

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