The Case for a Canine Cylon

April 14, 2008

At our Season 4 Premiere Party, we held a contest to see who could present the best case for Who is the Final Cylon? Of course, we don’t know who that is yet, so the prize was awarded based on whoever presented the best case. Here’s the winning entry:

Jake the dogThe final Cylon is the dog. You know, the dog from the episodes on New Caprica where secret messages were passed by whether the dog bowl was flipped over. You see, the Cylons were aware of everything that was going on as the dog read every message that was sent. They let it slide because they were going to use the system against the Colonists. Now the dog has been smuggled aboard Galactica to release large quantities of dog hair that will get into all the control panels, eventually causing the fleet to have entire system failure.”

We had 18 entries in total: Four votes for Baltar, including this one, “It’s so obvious it’s him that it can’t be him, so it’s him.” Two votes for Admiral Adama, Laura Roslin, Dualla and Starbuck. One vote each for Billy, George W. Bush, a child and humanity as a whole.

Finally, someone made the case for BSG creator Ronald D. Moore as the Final Cylon, “Ronald orchestrated the writers’ strike secretly from his base star…(the writers) evolved, they rebelled, there are many of them and they have a plan!


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