Could Kendra Shaw Be the Final Cylon?

April 15, 2008

The producers of Battlestar Galactica spent two full hours of their final season exploring the character of Kendra Shaw in Razor. That seems an extraordinary time commitment for a character who by the end of that two hours, appeared to have no direct impact on the outcome of events. While her contribution to the events of Season Four could have been significant, at the last minute, it becomes a moot point. That hasn’t sat well with me since I saw it.

One of the 13th Colonists, wyrdwritere, has presented an interesting theory over here at his LJ blog. I think he makes a good case.

Two Cylons?I was one of the people who invested four hours listening to the Razor Writing Room Podcasts, even despite the bad audio quality that made it difficult to follow the conversation at times. To my ears, they spent a good deal of time discussing the possibility that the last shot of Razor would be Kendra Shaw waking up in a resurrection tank aboard a Cylon base star. Granted, they were just tossing out ideas, many of which were very different than what we saw.

Stephanie Jacobsen did such a compelling job as Kendra Shaw, that I have trouble believing that we won’t see or hear about her again. And so far, her dance card doesn’t appear to be too full.



  1. Cool idea.. I had to go check out the blog mentioned and read the theories implicating Kendra to be the final cyclon. Honestly I havent spent much time considering this, as I want to be surprised. But I do think the actress did a graet job in Razor and wouldnt mind seeing her contribute to the show.. and surprising everyone to boot.

  2. I was looking back at D’Anna’s drawings and I thought that one of the drawings looked liked Kendra Shaw. She was very troubled about the killing of the civilians…..

  3. I’m not sure if I’d go for that. I’ll have to watch Razor again. Maybe we’ll find out tonight!

  4. The finale has kendra hugging some gnarly mech tech, I think.

    But my vote for Final Cylon is the “dreamsinger” who keeps calling Tighe, and the other three Cylon sleepers aboard Galactica, to the hangar bay holding the Viper from the original series.

  5. That would be Bob Dylan, or one of a number of people who have covered that song, including Jimi Hendrix, and Bono… Actually Bono being the 5th would make sense….

  6. Hi,

    “The finale has kendra hugging some gnarly mech tech, I think.”

    What finale is that?

  7. I agree that Kendra Shaw has to be the final cylon. During Razor, when she was trying to tune into the radio, she was hearing the same bass distortion sound that the other 4 heard when they were being activated. Also, it has to be her, because they built her character up so much in Razor. Also, DeAnna said that there were only 4 in the colonial fleet, and of course Kendra isn’t anymore. I think they will find more copies of the final five on either part of the decimated Earth or somewhere nearby.

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