Just a Question…

April 23, 2008

by spacepug

Hera & her motherWhere’s Hera?

Helo and Sharon have little reason to trust anyone on the Galactica after the President and Doc Cottle stole the child, hid her and told her parents she was dead. So, does that mean Hera is now touring the galaxy on board a converted sewage recycling ship with her parents?

If she isn’t with her parents, isn’t that one goodbye we should have seen? Who would they trust to babysit?

With the presence of one cylon/human baby so prominent in the last episode, why haven’t we seen anything of the other child for so long? Particularly since she was the focus of so much attention last season.  Seems odd to me.


  1. Umm, I have a question… what real world mother would allow their real world baby to suffer through these scenes?! I mean, they like, had to force little Niki to cry in every scene, and just when he was happy, boom! There he goes again.

  2. I wondered that myself. Sure hope they did those scenes in just one take. That baby was so upset by Galen hitting the table in frustration. And the kid could grow up with a fear of large wrenches and not know why…

  3. I KNOW! This has been the topic of some speculation amongst my friends and me. Where the heck is Hera? And who would they trust Hera with? It made me want to write a little parody story about Helo and Sharon trying to find a babysitter, but I couldn’t really imagine who they’d decide upon.

    And D. Awesome, I’ve wondered that too, ever since we had all those episodes with Hera on the basestar, crying her eyes out. I don’t know if this makes anyone feel any better, but apparently, they didn’t have to *do* anything in particular to provoke Hera to cry. They may have even been working around it. The scuttlebut I’ve heard is that the child actress they had to play Hera in Season 3 was just naturally miserable on set and cried frequently, so supposedly, they are in the process of recasting a new child to play the role.

    Don’t know any details about Nicky though. But yeah, it sure seemed like they deliberately provoked the child into crying.

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