Hacking the Head Cases

May 6, 2008

More theorizing from Spacepug, with much help from Peter

Spiffy Baltar
Season Four has introduced us to some new twists to the Head versions of Six and Baltar. In Six of One we saw Gaius meet Head!Gaius for the first time, and in Escape Velocity we may or may not have seen Head!Six physically lift up Baltar as though he were a rag doll, for everyone to see. Conveniently however, none of the other characters in the scene appeared to notice.

One of the ideas put forth at our “What the Frak?!” discussion a few weeks ago by 13th Colonist, Peter, is that someone has hacked into the Cylon resurrection system and that the Head versions (as well as the Leoben who appeared to Kara in Maelstrom) are manifestations of ‘The Hacker.’ The key element of the theory is that humans who die can be uploaded into the resurrection system and become Cylon. That would of course mean that Baltar really did die in the house on Caprica despite the Six shielding him with her body, and that Kara really did die when her Viper exploded. The lines between Cylon and Human are only becoming blurry and Baltar and Kara may be the key to eradicating that line completely. With a little help from Hera and Nicholas, I would add.

So who is the Hacker? Peter says “the Hacker is the last cylon model, who is not walking around like the 4-Cylons, but has transcended physical form.” Real, but not visible. Interesting he said that before Escape Velocity aired…

I’m currently listening to the Ron Moore podcast for Six of One and he does say that the Head versions will be explained eventually. He went on to add that he considers the scene between the two Baltars to have been an indulgence on his part and a mistake in terms of storytelling, but promises it won’t damage the context of what the Head versions are and how they work.


  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I would clarify that I don’t think the 12-Cylon Hacker is in some other plane of reality, but rather is in the resurrection system, perhaps even trapped there, and only able to influence the outside world via Head figures and the ramblings of the Hybrids.

    Of course, Invisible Head!Six makes anything possible.

  2. Peter, Spacepug:

    This is a fascinating theory, but how do you explain the physical manifestations of Kara and Baltar? Kara seems do-able, since she was gone for two months, and really anything could have happened to her in that time period, but then, wouldn’t the Cylons know about her downloading and becoming one of them? And how would Baltar have downloaded and got back onto Caprica so fast, with no memory of what happened to him? It’s an interesting idea, given that we never saw Baltar escape from his house, but I feel like the logistics would make it virtually impossible. And again, wouldn’t the Cylons know about it?

    Still, interesting idea. I’d love it as an explanation, if they could make it believable.

  3. I could explain Baltar by saying there was another resurrection ship (one not run by the 7-Cylons) near Caprica where they replicated him, then stuck him back on Caprica to infiltrate the survivors. We know that Cylons can manipulate the memories of humanoid Cylons, and perhaps humans too.

    The destruction of the resurrection hub kind of torpedoes this theory, but I hold out a faint hope that the last Cylon escaped that via inserting a copy of itself into Number Three, which she will perceive as a Head person.

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