Coffee with the President

May 27, 2008

by spacepug

Laura arrived with an honour guardA dozen 13th Colonists took advantage of the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada and met up for an event we called Coffee with the President. To get us in an appropriately BSG mood, we chose Starbucks as the location. Of course, the version of President Roslin we had in attendance was only two inches tall and made of plastic, but we were still pretty excited to have her with us!

Unfortunately, Laura remained tight-lipped about the shooting location for her dream sequence from “Flesh & Bone” where she runs through the woods and meets up with Leoben, before he gets sucked away through the trees. After a few forays into North Vancouver’s mountains, we think we’re close to finding the location in Capilano Park. We just need to find a section of the trail with more ferns…However, armed with maps and a photo-loaded iPod, we’re heading out again this weekend. Who knows what we’ll find?

Wish us luck!

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