A Sign from the Stars?

June 4, 2008

by spacepug

Nearly every coffee shop I go into in Vancouver has the daily horoscope taped to the front counter. Something to read while you’re waiting for your morning dose of caffeine. Most places around here post Georgia Nicols‘ version. She’s a very popular lady around these parts and her column appears in one of our daily newspapers. Her writing is witty and accessible. You can count on her to start your day with a smile.

Pikon, from Home Pt 2So as I was reading yesterday’s Pisces report, imagine my surprise…”what can you do to help create the family you want to be part of? (Short of being part of Commander Adama’s crew on Battlestar Galactica)

Well, I was so thrilled that I wrote to Georgia to tell her she’d made my day. Not only did I get a lovely thank you back from her, but she passed along a story. It seems one of the rigging crew on Battlestar is also an avid reader of her column and a Pisces. He took the article to the set yesterday, where Edward James Olmos (also a Pisces) is directing the current episode. The crew really enjoyed the reference.

Much smiling ensued, I’m sure.

One comment

  1. Nice reference indeed! I would totally have missed that. I don’t read any horoscopes. 😦

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