Can’t See the Planet for All the Trees

June 7, 2008

by spacepug

A brave group of 13th Colonists headed Into the Woods this past weekend, in our continuing search for Battlestar Galactica shooting locations. We’d been tipped off by someone on the show that Kobol scenes in Season Two were shot in Capilano Park and Lynn Valley on the North Shore. We’ve covered most of the trails in Capilano and a fair portion of Lynn Valley. Four scouting missions so far, two to each park, and we have yet to positively identify a single shot. We know we’re in the right areas. We suspect we’ve come very close to locations doubling as Caprica and New Caprica as well. There are just so damn many trees. Plus, more than two years have passed since shooting and “the big wind storm” of December 2006 could have changed the landscape quite a bit since then.

We even utilized the most up to date technical tools to help us. I thoroughly recommend the iTouch for wandering through a forest and trying to match screen shots to actual trees. Unlike my iPod, the larger display screen is big enough that there is no risk of tripping over a random tree root while trying to get the right perspective. My foot is healing nicely, now, thank you. Doubt if that use for the iPod & iTouch was foreseen by the genuises at Apple, but they would be proud.

Except for coming up with a new technobabble phrase, “good fern density,” we came up empty. And the kicker is the local newspaper published a story the very next day indicating the BSG crew had been shooting on the North Shore woods all of the previous week, just in a different river valley. That will likely be our next destination, but it is obvious we could spend all summer looking for trees and still never be sure we’d found the correct sites.

So, blog readers, we’re turning it over to you. Do you know where this swing set from “Flesh & Bone” is? Note the red posts and the teeter-totter (see-saw, in some countries) in the background? Should be easy to find, right?

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