Just Any Old Caprican Diner

June 13, 2008

Wonder what Caprican food is like? Or Gemenese? For more pictures from more angles, check out the 13th Colony photo gallery over here at Meetup.

Gotta love the zeroes and ones in the logo. Probably not the final version of the logo, just one for their letterhead during production. For instance, when X-Files was in town under the name “Done One” their letterhead logo had a windmill (blades in shape of X) and a knight on a horse holding a lance. Likely not the one they’ll use for the theatrical release.


  1. 13th colony looks very interesting. I guess I would, from now on, be a regular reader of your blog 🙂

  2. I’m not sure how many times I’ve passed that restaurant and NEVER noticed the sign. Talk about blinders…

  3. That’s totally cool. I wonder how many non-fans have walked by that and scratched their head going, “Caprican food?” and gone home to look in vain on a map.

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