More Caprica Location Pics

June 17, 2008

I don’t want to give anyone the impression that the 13th Colony is made up of a bunch of stalkerazzi, but once again, the Caprica production team has chosen to shoot in a public location REALLY CLOSE to where one of us works. Either we’re building quite a network up here, or we’re just getting lucky.

We have more exclusive Caprica set pics today. They could be considered spoilery, so they’re under a cut.

The School of Theology, on the campus of the University of British Columbia, is doubling as the Athena Academy.
School of Theology at UBC
Athena Academy Main Doorway
Athena Academy
The only reference I’ve found so far for the school motto is that “cast aside the temporal” is attributed to Thomas Becket, the 12th century Archbishop of Canterbury who was assassinated in a conflict with the English king over the rights of the church.
Athena Academy
Plaque which was set to the right of the doorway
This last picture doesn’t clearly show it, but there was a whole troupe of extras sitting outside the Chan Centre during breaks in filming. Most were young people, wearing black. The impression our photographer got was that it was a funeral scene. The interior and exterior of the Chan Centre were previously featured on Battlestar Galactica as part of Cloud Nine, where the the Quorum of the Twelve met in “Colonial Day” to elect a Vice President. The building is also well known to sci-fi fans as the 4400 Centre from “The 4400” and the Mada Corporation head office from “Kyle XY.”

Please note that these pictures are posted for the use of fans, but please attribute them to The 13th Colony and link back to our blog.


  1. […] at 13 Colony, it was noted that in the recent picture below, you might be able to see the centre, and that it […]

  2. Can someone tell me the home that was used as the set of the Caprica (and I also think in key BSG scenes)? It’s simply fabulous.

    It obviously appears (knowing the wonders of movie making) on the water somewhere.

    Does anyone have more details?

    • While we know the general location of the home used as “Baltar’s House” in BSG is just off the Sea to Sky Highway near Horseshoe Bay, I don’t know the exact location. It is a private home and therefore we wouldn’t publish the location even if we knew it. The Graystones house from Caprica is certainly in the same general area, though I cannot tell if it is the same home. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the commentary on the Caprica DVD to see if they specifically state that it was the same home.

      For now, one of the best resources for BSG locations info is the Battlestar Wiki here.

  3. Thanks Spacepug!

    They do appear to be the same home if my memory serves me correctly. From a logistics point of view it would make some sense.

    I understand about the confidentiality. Homes like that ocassionally appear in magazines like Architectual Digest, so I wasn’t sure if it’s received similar recognition or publicity.

    I look forward to the coming Caprica season and following your blog (from Paris France no less).


  4. Who was the architect designer of the real house used as the Dr. Daniel Graystone house in Caprica? Who is the owner of the real house? What construction company built it? It is one of the most magnificent houses I have ever seen. I would deeply appreciate hearing from anyone who has more information on this real house. Thanks. Luhra at DoctorMom@suddenlink.net in Enid, Oklahoma

    • I could be mistaken, but I thought the Graystone house is a set that only exists in the studio rather than being a location. I’m not sure, however, and will try to get an answer for you.

  5. I read a comment that said it was a real house facing the sea & that it was near Vancouver. It is a fabulous house & I fell in love with it.

  6. I added myself & a photo. Why am I still showing up as a Quilt? Anyway. I don’t want to violate anyone’s privacy or know the address of the house. What I’d really like to know is who the architect was so I could look up their other designs.

  7. During a press junket in October, attended by a number of sci-fi bloggers, it was mentioned that the home used in the pilot was a $12 million West Vancouver home. For the series, that home was re-created in the studio.

    West Vancouver is one of the municipalities that make up the Greater Vancouver area. Baltar’s house from BSG was also in the West Vancouver area, but I have no idea if the two were the same house or even in the same neighbourhood.


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