The Galactica Cliffhanger Party

June 17, 2008

by spacepug

Alas, no one screamed at the end. Too stunned, I think. I will admit to a certain amount of excited squeaking of the “OMG, is he gonna do it?” variety about midway through the episode. But I wasn’t the only one! That’s the advantage of seeing the show with such a large group of people who are just as into it as you are.

Twenty-nine 13th Colonists gathered at Eighties Restaurant for our Frakkin’ Cliffhanger! Season Ender Party on Friday night. There were BSG discussion topics on each table, including “Michael Hogan deserves an Emmy!”, “The Chief is SO gonna kick Tory’s a**” and “Gaius is a wacko but we love him!” but the conversation never seemed to lag. There were all sorts of theories about what we would see, but I don’t think anyone expected what we got.

There were some scary moments right before 7pm when the broadcast signal went wonky, but Space Channel solved the problem (or the gods made the solar storms die down) so we had a great viewing party!

When the dust had settled after the broadcast, everyone got to vote on the entries in our “Artistic Challenge.” We had a clear-cut winner and he got a very special prize from our surprise guest. Eric Chu, the concept artist who designed so much of the look of the re-imagined BSG, from Centurions to Basestars to the Galactica herself, has been an undercover 13th Colonist for awhile now, and he let everyone in on the secret when he presented our winner with a wonderful signed poster of one of Centurions. Eric brought a friend along, Alex Leung, who did the blueprint view of the Galactica that is often visible on the screens in CIC. He’s obviously a big fan of the show and it was great to have him along.

We had some tough trivia questions at the end, for which the winners were handsomely rewarded for the depth of their geek knowledge. Not sure if our Seattle visitor will be able to play the vintage VHS tape of a classic BSG episode, but he didn’t refuse the prize!

So we’re back into another long wait, but they might just have given us enough to talk about for the next six months!


  1. Had a great time visiting from Seattle. You guys ROCK in Vancouver!

    I have the VHS in a very auspicious spot with my other Battlestar trinkets. I think I’ll try it out on the ol’ VHS player in the closet.

  2. I’m sorry I missed all of the excitement! Looks like it was a great time had by all! 🙂

    I’m particularly digging the T-Shirt.

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