The 13th is a Friendly Tribe

July 8, 2008

by spacepug

Organizing a fan club has its perks. Occasionally, you get to meet people like Dwight and Nancy. Visitors to Vancouver from the East Coast of the United States, they joined the 13th Colony earlier this year and introduced themselves via email. Late last week, we got to meet them in person. As is our habit, the evening started with coffee. Since this is Vancouver, naturally we ended up at a sushi restaurant. In between, we took them on a short walking tour of some of the Galactica filming locations in downtown Vancouver, including the Central Library, which was prominently featured in Season One of BSG, when Helo and Sharon walk around deserted Caprica City. Incidentally, the library was also the location of the cast and crew wrap party, held a few days ago. We traded theories about where the show is headed, and bragged more than a little bit about how great it is to live here.

We hope our visitors enjoyed themselves. We certainly enjoyed having them here.

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