BSG Goodness for Long Weekend

July 31, 2008

Here in British Columbia, and many other parts of Canada, we are gearing up to celebrate one of the best parts of summer, the long weekend. Three days without work! And thanks to Space Channel, we can get in plenty of hours of Battlestar Galactica to ease us through the holiday.

Four hours of BSG goodness on Saturday night, two hours Sunday night, and at least three hours the following weekend! Check your local listings. It appears there will be plenty of late-night BSG for insomniacs across the country, all summer long!

Another note for Canadian fans– Space Channel has secured the rights to Caprica, whenever the decision is made to air it. Apparently in September, TV execs at NBC Universal (which owns Sci-Fi Channel) will decide if Caprica will air as a two-hour movie in the Fall, or hold it back until the new year and launch it as a series. The initial trailer for Caprica has appeared online, and you can find it here.

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