September 5, 2008

One of the members of our 13th Colony Facebook group has been on set for a couple of weeks helping with the high-res digital photography of all of the BSG sets.  According to him, yesterday was the day the Combat Information Centre set was to be demolished at Vancouver Film Studios.

RIP CIC.  What a great set.  Sorry to see it go.

Since filming has not yet begun on the additional BSG movie, guess that means no CIC scenes.



  1. Playing Taps in my mind

  2. Having visited the set a number of times over the last few years, I can tell you that the set is *incredibly* impressive. Harvey Frand tells a great story about how he and Ron overspent on it during the miniseries, and then basically hid the dismantled sets from the network for months in storage in Vancouver, on the hope that the show would get picked up.

    Lots more pictures from the set at http://www.thomkozik.com

  3. We have a lot better pictures of the set, days before it was struck—some even taken 20 minutes before they started. Some of them have been added to our blog here at web-size:


  4. Great photos Joe! Thanks.

  5. That’s sad. I thought Ron Moore (or someone) mentioned that high resolution photos or mapping were created of the sets for later use. So, I suppose the CIC and other sets could still digitally appear in BSG movies. But it’s not the same (and, worse, could look fake like the newer Star Wars movies).

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