It’s A Wrap

October 2, 2008

According to our source, filming on the BSG TV movie, “The Plan,” wrapped up in the wee hours of Wednesday morning with a complex outdoor location shoot in one of Vancouver’s suburbs, involving many extras and lots of explosions.  Going out with a bang or two, it sounds like.

Once again, we’re sorry to see it all come to an end, but will eagerly await the results!

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  1. […] The BSG TV movie, “The Plan,” just wrapped shooting, ending up with a “complex outdoor location shoot” in a Vancouver suburb, involving lots of explosions and many extras. (I’m guessing this was set on Caprica? Or Kobol? Or maybe New Caprica?) From the hints Aaron Douglas has dropped, the TV movie goes all the way from season one up to season four. [13th Colony] […]

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