The Beginning of the End

January 14, 2009

All smiles in the photo below, but inside each of us is fighting an epic battle between being incredibly excited about having new BSG to watch, and profoundly sad that the journey is almost over.  We’re ready, though.  The 13th Colony held two weeks of marathon nerd sessions called “4.0 Refreshers” in which a dozen of us sat through 5 hours  of Galactica on Sunday afternoons.  Watching the first half of the season resulted in some new revelations (Wow, Tigh did just change the baby’s diaper, didn’t he?) and new debates (Who is that final Cylon anyway?).

BSG fans are always welcome at LaFontana Caffe

BSG fans are always welcome at LaFontana Caffe

For the next ten weeks, Vancouver’s Battlestar Galactica fans will be gathering at LaFontana Caffe in Burnaby on Friday nights, to watch the final episodes of the series together.  We truly are the luckiest fans, since we get the broadcast from Space Channel at 7pm local time.  So get there early, order a coffee, and share some amazing television with fellow fans.

The details for all ten episode viewing parties (part of our “13 Weeks of BSG” series) are over at our Meetup site.  Since we are expecting big crowds for the premiere and the finale, please join up and RSVP, or email the organizer to let us know you’re dropping in.

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