Cylons are Yummy

February 18, 2009


by spacepug

Would you like a Cylon Raider with a side of Algae?  How about a Mandala Burger?burgers

As a special treat for our big “Helo’s Dollhouse” event last Friday, the folks at the LaFontana Café made up a very special menu for the 13th Colony.   All of it was delicious and made the Battlestar fans feel a bit superior to all those Browncoats who showed up, but it was a friendly rivalry since many of us count ourselves in both camps.  They may not have made it in time for Darth Mojo’s culinary challenge, but I think everyone who got a taste will agree, it was an amazing gesture!  Thanks John!withalgae

We had 52 people out for the event, our biggest so far.  Can’t wait to see what the final five…episodes…bring us!

For more pictures, check here.

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