Well Deserved Accolade for BSG’s Doc

February 23, 2009

doccottlecropDonnelly Rhodes to be honoured by his peers in the Union of BC Performers, with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Rhodes is well known to Battlestar Galactica fans as the gravelly voiced Doc Cottle, a medic with little tolerance for fools, but surprising compassion and fierce dedication to his patients.  And of course, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth most of the time.

According to an article in the Province newspaper, “Rhodes is a household name in Canada and the U.S., having appeared in more than 100 television series, including the sitcoms Soap and Golden Girls, and the mystery Murder She Wrote in the U.S. In Vancouver he was in the long-running crime drama Da Vinci’s Inquest, and the family adventure series Danger Bay.”

Those of us who became fans of his work during the Da Vinci’s Inquest years or grew up watching him on Danger Bay, cheered to see him join the cast of BSG.  His performance gives the doctor layers a lesser actor could not find, and helps to anchor a science fiction show firmly in the category of realistic drama.

Rhodes is to be honoured at a luncheon in Vancouver on February 27th.

Congratulations, Mr. Rhodes.  Thank you for yet another wonderful character.


  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rhodes once years ago. My class was on a field trip to Vancouver and we were having dinner at the hotel we were staying in. One of our group noticed him and before I knew it we were all over at his table saying hi. (It was a small class) He and the people with him were so kind to our group of dorks from the sticks. They posed for a picture with us and Donnelly even signed a napkin or something wishing us the best.I am going to have to see if I have a copy of that picture somewhere.

  2. Here’s an interview with Rhodes about his award, and his time on BSG.


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