February 27, 2009

Congratulations, Battlestar Galactica fans of Toronto, your luck is improving!

Well, not so much, you still have to live in Toronto….sorry, no Vancouverite can resist than jibe, but…

BSG fans in TO will have the chance to watch the series finale in the company of fellow fans, and on a big screen no less.  Thanks to an enthusiastic LJ blogger named noizangel, one of Toronto’s local theatres is opening their space for a massive finale viewing party.

The show starts at the Fox Theatre at 9pm on Friday, March 20th.  Tickets are $7, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Daily Bread Food Bank.  In return for a donation of canned goods at the screening, you can enter to win a BSG prize pack.  Tickets go on sale in early March.

For more information, check the following sources:

Best wishes to the TO fans for a frakkin’ great gathering!

**Sadly, this event had to cancelled due to a licensing issue.**

One comment

  1. haha…TO jokes never get old.

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