The Robot on the “Moon” Might be a Cylon

June 8, 2009

moon_posterOk, perhaps that is stretching the point.

Moon is a sci-fi thriller about a man who has been alone on the Moon for almost 3 years, mining for Helium 3. As the end of his contract nears, there is an accident and he finds….himself. Sound like a familiar scenario? Familiar enough that Mongrel Media contacted us with the offer of free tickets! (Guess there are benefits to getting some national TV exposure!) And guess what, in addition to Sam Rockwell as the lead, Kevin Spacey provides the voice of GERTY, the robot on the lunar base. An artificial life form with Spacey’s voice cannot be good….presto…another BSG angle! This is the first film from director Duncan Jones, and it’s got incredibly good buzz in a lot of places.

There will be an advance screening of Moon at the Fifth Avenue Cinemas in Vancouver on Wednesday, June 24th at 7pm.  If you want to get your hands on a double-pass (Admits Two), you have until Wednesday June 17th at 10pm to write 100 to 300 words on the following subject:

”All robots are evil. Agree or Disagree?”

Amuse me, annoy me or entertain me.   Submit your entry by emailing me (Val, aka spacepug) through the Meetup page, or through our Facebook group.

Good Luck. I can’t wait to hear what you hear what you come up with!

One comment

  1. I saw “Moon” a couple nights ago and really enjoyed it. Good science fiction, without excessive reliance on special effects to carry the story.

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