Off to See the Man on the “Moon”

June 24, 2009

Thanks to Mongrel Media, a group of ten 13th Colonists are off to see an advance screening of Duncan Jones’ indie film Moon tonight at the Fifth Avenue Cinemas in Vancouver.  In order to select our attendees, we held a contest.  People were asked to submit a story of 100 to 300 words on the topic of “All robots are evil.  Agree or disagree?”

Once again, a huge thank you to all who entered.  It’s a joy to read the results of your creative efforts.  And let’s just say, I think the BSG fans must be missing our evil robots.  The winning entries are behind the cut.

From Michael L:

I admit it. I’m a sucker for the latest gadgets, especially
those that promise to make my life easier. When the Electronic
retail box store down the street opened, I was first in line.
As I entered the door, I saw it, mesmerized by the shiny
display model, I knew I had to have it… the Roomba XS-2000.
It promised to make my life easier, and I would never have to
haul the old canister vacuum out of the closet again.

Eager to put it to the test, I ripped open the package, I
charged him up, and within 24 hours he was ready.  Ready to
Roomba. I unleashed this shiny silver sucking robot on my
carpet, and I was impressed. His glowing red sensor made sure
he did not damage any of my priceless Ikea furniture.

The first weeks were heaven.  But, then I noticed things.
Small things at first. A penny here, a nickel there, a Loonie,
a Toonie.  All strangely missing from where I had dropped them.
I figured $24 had gone missing without a trace.  Then it
happened. I noticed the XS-2000 toying with the cat, LOLcat, as
I had named her.  It was nothing serious at first, just chasing
her around the room.  But, then it happened.  The XS-2000
seemed to be stalking LOLcat.

First the money, and now this, tormenting a poor, defenseless
kitty.  I decided to remove the XS-2000’s power-pac.  All was
quiet, until one day, I arrived home, only to find my precious
LOLcat missing.  Yes, just like the money, LOLcat had gone
missing!  I searched to no avail, until, days later, I opened
the closet where the XS-2000 was, and saw…

LOLcat Fur!  The XS-2000 took on a life of its own!  An evil,
sinister laugh came from the machine!  Then, I knew the truth!
This evil Roomba had EATEN LOLcat! Its red sensor lit up, like
an evil red eye, scanning across its face…

I knew I was next…

From Clayton:

All robots are imbued by their creator with the same qualities
that exist within all sentient beings.  “The ghost in the
machine”, a phrase I prefer to mean the soul of the machine, is
apparent to anyone who has had dealings with machines more
complicated than a rock (Rocks have souls as well, but you get
the idea).  Those who disbelieve in the uniqueness of all
things and apparent animistic qualities of the tools we use may
need to spend a little more time on this funky globe.  Is the
question of absolute good or evil ever applicable?  I feel
confident in saying that each soul must answer this question
for them self.  Robots are what they are.  Rocks are what they
are.  By choice or destiny?  By accident or design?  When
robots, people or rocks behave as expected and contribute in
predictable ways, we perceive them as good.  I think we all
know how we feel when our robots, people or rocks surprise us.
I have put this piece forward as a contribution for thought and
of course as my opinion.  In the words of Steve Martin, “If it
weren’t for my mood ring, I wouldn’t know what to believe.”

From Joe:

By Your Command

Robots work mechanically without original thought. Anything
that seems good or evil is planned, programmed, or given as
instructions ahead of time by you before the robot does any of
your work. Robots are simply puppets on a string and follow
your instructions (good or evil) given by your command.
Robots are not Evil.

By My Command

Androids are the next level up from Robots, and can solve
unexpected problems not given in your existing instructions.
Androids can make new rules for new problems which become their
instructions. Androids can think for themselves and so they can
cut the puppet strings and do things by their command.
Can Androids be evil?

From Gem:





Still Cute


Even in Anime

Definitely not ev…..wait.


Damn you, T-1000, where did you come from…

I`m trying to make a point here.

“Ticket please”

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