True North Strong and Geek

July 8, 2009

blogcanday2July 1st is Canada Day, and 2009 marked our 142nd anniversary as a country.  We do much the same as everyone else around the world on their national holidays, we celebrate with parades and fireworks.  This year though, the sci-fi fans of Vancouver did something a bit different.  We banded together as a nation of geeks and marched under one banner.

North Vancouver’s Canada Day parade featured a contingent of science fiction fans dressed as characters from a wide range of genre favourites: Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, BSG, Firefly, Harry Potter, Men in Black and Watchmen.  A special acknowledgement has to go to the Greater Vancouver Stargate Meetup Group, whose members built a Stargate on top of  a van, making it appear as though the van was a makeshift puddle-jumper stuck mid-transit.  They did an awesome job.   So Say We All!


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  1. Vancouver is a kick -ass city, not just because it’s home to all the great sci fi shows, but because it’s made of epic WIN. When people ask me what I miss most of my 7 years in Seattle, the answer is “being 3 hours away from Vancouver.”

    Seriously, to be able to live where they filim all these awesome shows and stuff, and live in a clean, functional North American City? Damn.

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