Hogan’s in the House

October 7, 2009

fri.hogan.cropMichael Hogan (Colonel Saul Tigh on BSG) is going to be on “Dollhouse” this week. It’s not surprising to see Hogan return to our TV screens, but there is something that makes this role a key point in the actor’s career, and it floored me when I heard it.

Canadians are familiar with Hogan, certainly. He’s been a recognizable figure on TV here for decades. But as he revealed at Dragon*Con last month, he has only just now got his first US work permit, his first LA manager, and his first LA audition. Which he nailed and got the part. Dollhouse. Think about that when you watch his performance on Friday night. Fans of BSG have known he’s a brilliant actor for a long time. Isn’t it about time he got the chance to prove it to the rest of the world?

*Special thanks to Paul, Esther and Laura for letting me hang out with them in line for the McDonnell/Hogan panel at Dragon*Con and then sit in the front row. Great to meet you!

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