Caprica – The End Began on Twitter, Really

January 25, 2010

by spacepug

We know how the story ends.  The population of Caprica and the other colonies will be wiped out in 58 years, by the race of technological beings they create.  But we the viewers want to watch this society lay the seeds of its own destruction.  At least that’s what the show runners are hoping will draw us in.  So how amusing it is that they are using social media’s latest craze, Twitter, to engage us.

Serge Graystone

Serge, the robot butler from the Graystone’s house, now has his own account on Twitter.  And he’s funny.

I control many functions in the Graystone house, including security, media interfaces and vacuuming.

I can cancel security clearances. I can cancel them efficiently and coolly. Oh, I can cancel them.

Guess what guys?  When your vacuum cleaner has more followers than you, you’re doomed!

Also on Twitter, writer Jane Espenson, composer Bear McCreary, as well as actors Alessandra Torresani (plays Zoe, who also has her own Twitter account here) and Sasha Roiz (Sam Adama).

One comment

  1. Guess what guys? When your vacuum cleaner has more followers than you, you’re doomed!

    Ahahahahah! This totally made my day. Whoever’s playing Serge is someone managing to interject a very subtle dose of humor into the robot’s delivery. I can’t put my finger on quite what the actor’s doing, but it’s cool. I’m glad Serge gets his place in the sun to shine. No one in the Greystone house gives him the time of day. 😉 He’s totally going to rise up one day.

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