Six Degrees to a Bridge

June 15, 2010

by spacepug

We’ve been searching far too far for something far too close.  We at the 13th Colony have spent a lot of time searching for the bridge used in the BSG Season 1 episode, Six Degrees of Separation.  Helo and Sharon are on the run from centurions and they pass under a bridge with several rust coloured columns, head up a trail, and hide on one of the bridge struts.  Turns out, the shooting location is right next to my grocery store.  Sigh…

A small group of 13th Colonists headed to Harbourview Park in North Vancouver.  If you park on the west side of the Pet Smart, there is a trail head that goes down to the water.  Note the stand of three trees in both photos to the right. Under the rail bridge and around the other side is where they shot both the portion where Helo and Sharon are pursued by the Cylons and where they later hide on a bridge strut as centurions walk on the bridge above.

As a side note, it’s a quick scramble up the other side to the parking lot for Harbourview Park, a short trail which boasts both a pair of nesting bald eagles, and an excellent view of the Lynnterm Stevedoring port operations.  But keep an eye on the tide.  If you parked at Pet Smart and walked on the riverbed, it floods when the tide comes back in, so you’ll have to walk around.  Also, the Port seems to be planning some changes to the rail bridge which could make this location inaccessible fairly soon.

One comment

  1. We’ve been to many film locations, but this one actually gave me the chills, like I could totally see the toaster Cylon’s on the bridge.

    I’m thinking it’s because it’s not some place I’ve been before. Where as most of the other locations have been tainted mundane because I’ve been to on some sort of day-to-day task.

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