Got 12 million cubits?

August 7, 2010

Want to buy a piece of Battlestar Galactica history? Well, if you’ve got $12 million burning a very big hole in your wallet, you might want to consider shelling out for the mansion that was used as the Greystone manor in the pilot episode of Caprica.

News of the sale comes via this story at Airlock Alpha blog, but I would also urge BSG/Caprica fans to take a look at the real estate listing. Of course, if you know any multi-millionaire geeks who need a new mansion, consider it your duty to bring this one to their attention. Very pretty pictures.


  1. Well, $12 million seems rather overpriced, when you consider the damage it must have sustained in the destruction of the 12 Colonies. šŸ˜‰

  2. Hi there, this wasn’t the house used for Baltar’s place. That was on Tidewater in Lion’s Bay, BC.

    • Thanks for catching the mistake B! It’s been awhile since I looked back at the miniseries and you are absolutely right, not the same house. I’ve edited the article as a result. Surprising how many ultra-luxurious mansions there are around here to choose from…

  3. Glad to help. The sad thing is that I’ve never even been to Canada…I’m just such a BSG geek that I know that useless bit of trivia!
    One day though, I’ll get to go to British Columbia or Alaska…probably the most beautiful places on Earth.

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