Apotheosis Defined

October 5, 2010

by spacepug

Caprica’s back, and first off, can we dispense with the silly numbering and just say the second half of Caprica Season 1, rather than 1.5? That is the end of my complaints, really. Caprica returned this week with Unvanquished, a solid, fast-paced episode directed by star Eric Stoltz (Daniel Graystone). After weak ratings and an uncertain future, Caprica needed a strong return to win back the fans after the hiatus and give it any hope of a second season. Both the show and the fans play parts in that equation, but this episode delivered nicely on it’s end of the bargain.  Not the least of which, it gave us our first glimpse of one of the other colonies.

What follows is a recap and review, and therefore contains spoilers.

Selling an Artificial Heaven

Tomas Vergis is enjoying his revenge, telling the world that HIS company, Graystone Industries will be able to deliver 1000 “battle units” per month. Nice phrasing, makes a robot army sound a lot less ominous.   Daniel is at home flipping channels and wallowing in his grief. He’s noticed Paula Malcomson’s (Amanda Graystone) name isn’t in the credits either.

The STO zealots converge on Atlas Arena and blow the place up. But it’s not real, just a virtual presentation by Sister Clarice for the members of the Church of the One True God conclave on Gemenon. We finally find out what ‘apotheosis’ is: artificial heaven. “A life everlasting, in a virtual heaven that we have built….I offer you a religion that removes the need for faith. A religion of certainty that reflects the wonder of all that we have created.” Not everyone is impressed. The head priest, Obal Ferris, seems unconvinced.

Deals with Devils

Eric Stoltz is literally upside down with grief. No it’s just a bizarre and jarring camera move. He’s talking about loss and what he would do to save himself from ever feeling it again. He’s talking to the Guatrau of the Ha’La’Tha, and he’s trying to sell them the exact same idea Clarice is pitching on another planet, a solution to grief itself, “the ultimate drug to heal the ultimate pain.” Does anyone else think that he and Clarice are either going to join forces or go head to head at some point?

Back on Gemenon, we meet the Blessed Mother (Meg Tilly). Obal explains that Clarice’s idea is complete blasphemy and obtains permission to assassinate her. But leave the holoband, Mother asks. She wants to form her own opinion of apotheosis.

The Adama brothers, come to Daniel with the terms of his deal. He must push a button to kill his own mother. It is the same choice Lacy had to make in End of the Line but Daniel can’t do it. The men aren’t surprised. It was a test, as Joseph explains, “in a partnership, it is important to understand what lines your partner won’t cross.” If he doesn’t have the resolve to do that, does he have what it takes to get involved with the Tauron mob?

After a break, we get our first glimpse of Lacy’s deal with a familiar devil, Barnabus. If the Ha’La’Tha say they sign their deals in blood, the same holds true for the STO and Lacy boldly slices her own palm to prove her loyalty.

History Rears it’s Ugly Head

Clarice is reminiscing about the old days on Gemenon with Diego (Ryan Robbins). “The armed branch of the Church is the only reason they made it through the lean years. We were treated like saviours.” She seals her recruitment of another ally with a kiss. (If you’re wondering, apparently her husband Nestor survived the car bomb, at least according to this story at the SyFy site.)

The prototype Cylon body that Zoe ran into the blockade at the end of the last episode is revealed as a burned, twisted pile.  A toasted toaster.  Vergis wants it put away forever.  Boxed.

On Gemenon, Obal instigates his plan and lures Clarice into the temple to meet her death, only to find she’s turned the knives against him and he gets the full Julius Caesar treatment.  The Blessed Mother seals the deal and she is given full control of all STO cells on Caprica.

On Caprica, Daniel shakes hands with the Gautrau.

They’re Back!

No one ever dies in science fiction.  It’s been said so many times, and holds true for Caprica.  Other than poor Philo, of course.  Zoe is gone from her robot body, but reborn as a Deadwalker in New Cap City.    Apparently she hasn’t been sitting around whining for the last few weeks, but has been brushing up on her ninja skills. Dressed in silver spandex, she’s a little out of place in the 40s milieu, but the kick-ass Zoe is a welcome relief from her previous incarnation.

And they save the big reveal for last. Amanda’s suicide attempt didn’t kill her after all.  Apparently, she’s just got a sore arm, and she’s holed up in a cabin with Sister Clarice.

Next week: Retribution

Familiar Faces and Places

Winston Rekert, best known to Canadian fans as the star of Neon Rider, and who played the Priest that swore in both Gaius Baltar and Laura Roslin into office for the second time in the BSG Season 3  plays a priest here as well, the doomed Obal Ferris.

Ryan Robbins, who played Charlie Connor in BSG plays Diego on Caprica, and at least according to his IMDB page, is going to be sticking around for awhile.

The crowd scenes around Atlas Arena where shot at GM Place, recently renamed Rogers Arena, the home of the Vancouver Canucks.

The Guatrau’s estate was shot at Riverview Hospital, the same location used as The Farm in BSG.  It’s distinctive double staircase is hard to forget.

One More Thing

Kudos to Capricatv.net for the most comprehensive coverage of what’s been happening during the hiatus and what’s in store for the rest of the season.  Worth checking out.

On a business note, it has been quoted from more than one source that the actors contracts were recently extended from August 15th through November 15th.  That means that SyFy Channel will have to decide before then if they are going to renew the show for a second season.



  1. I enough of a fan that I’ll watch every episode this season because I’m curious where it goes. But I’m not enough of a fan that I enjoyed the opening episode. The whole Sister Clarice storyline does absolutely nothing for me. I think maybe I just find that character annoying.

  2. I dared hope this show might have improved a little, but the story line is getting ridiculous. Basically Sister Clarice is going to create a giant version of the Xbox gaming network to take data about people, make copies of them, and say “oh look teh afterlife!” What a stupid idea.

    Plus every time that Sister Clarice comes on TV, she’s got a face that could stop a clock. Her character is annoying and just sucks the life out of the show. Oh and Allessandra really should not wear spandex pants. I mean, wow, she’s really out of shape.

    • “Oh and Allessandra really should not wear spandex pants. I mean, wow, she’s really out of shape.”

      i totally just snorted beer out my nose! and oh good, i’m not the only who was like WTF at that costume choice.

  3. I’m actually enjoying Sister Clarice more than many of the other characters, since she’s consistent and clear in her motivations. Anyone else think the Joseph Adama we saw in this episode was a totally different person from the first half of the season? How do you go from grieving over your daughter to stone-faced asking someone to kill their mother?

    The overnight ratings indicate they pulled less than 900,000 viewers for this episode, the worst ratings so far. I think the writing is on the wall.

  4. I am late to the game, I watched 10 episodes on Netflix so far. For awhile I was actually interested, but moving the different plot lines seems so slow, and the characters and their actions are so annoying. Lucy is like the most annoying character in the whole BSG universe with Amanda a close second. It can’t be a good thing if your watching and hoping these characters are killed off somehow.

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