Here Be Dragons, Literally

November 23, 2010

by spacepug

Plenty happened on the penultimate episode of Caprica, titled “Here Be Dragons” including, you guessed it, dragons.  They delivered a high body count and some unexpected twists, but it felt like true characterization was sacrificed in favour of a blistering pace.  Not my favourite episode by any means.

The following is a recap and review and therefore CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Sam Knows the Truth

Sam Adama and the Graystones are all on holobands in the real world, and on horseback in V-World, hot on Zoe’s trail.  Seems Daniel is able to track where the Zoe!Avatar is.  At the bottom of the hill her castle is perched on, the trio dismount and tie up their horses.  From above, Zoe moves her hand, making an adjustment.  It takes awhile for the change to show up down where they are, but when it does, it’s dramatic.  One by one, the three horses change into dragons and turn on their riders.  Amanda looks like the first meal when Sam comes to her rescue, shooting all three animals.  He’s earning his $10,000.  Turns out Dragonfighters of Kobol was Zoe’s favourite book.  Nice nod to Anne McCaffrey.

In the real world, there are sirens going off in Caprica City, heard in the background of a scene in Joseph Adama’s apartment.  Evelyn is at the table with William, building a model sailing ship.  Evelyn talks about how a ship’s crew is like family.  It’s two very unsubtle reminders that this is the man who will grow up to be Commander Adama, builder (and smasher) of model ships and commander of a mighty ship.  For now, William would prefer to be anywhere else than with is father’s girlfriend, it seems.  He asks for permission to go play in V World.

Fidelia is as sharp as we feared.  She is out for a walk with the Guatrau. She has figured out the Adamas scheme and she warns the Tauron mob leader that the true danger of the Adamas is that they could become more popular than he is. She remains loyal to him, he is her father after all.  He orders her to take them out, quick and painless.

Scary Grandma Ruth

Later that night, there is a knock at the door of Joseph Adama’s home.  Everyone wakes up, but Joseph sends Willy back to bed and warns Evelyn to go back upstairs and be ready to call Sam.  He answers the door.  It is Frankie, a friend, who comes with a demand that Joseph come to see the Guatrau.  He doesn’t even want to wait for Joseph to dress.  As soon as Joseph turns his back, Frankie whips out a garotte and tries to kill him. How’s a garotte quick and painless?  He almost succeeds, until Grandma Ruth comes to the rescue with her meat cleaver.  Frantically, Joseph tries to reach Sam, leaving him a message.

On Gemenon, Odin, Lacy and the other students are having a nice seditious chat over drugs.  Odin’s asking the tough question….What is the One True God and do our teachers speak for him?  Lacy agrees that surely they do not.  Odin has a warning for her though, he says she is a threat and her teachers will shoot her.  Later, we see him sitting down with Diego and one of the other STO teachers and trying to save his own skin.  He wants them to know that whatever they have planned for Lacy, he wants no part of it.  They reward him with an assignment: kill Lacy himself.

RIP Serge

The Willows are up to no good.  Nestor has got himself architectural plans for the Graystone Estate and he’s got an assault plan in place.  They do a nice transition from talking about breaking in, to showing them bursting through the front door.  Serge confronts them.  They shoot him up, and his light goes out.  @SergeGraystone is no more.

But the trio is foiled in their plans.  Serge activated the house’s security protocol and a series of barricades go up, blocking them from getting to Amanada.  Nestor thinks he can break through.  On the other side of the safety doors, Amanda and Daniel are absorbed in V-World, unaware of what’s going on so close.

In V-World, smart player Sam turns out not to be so smart after all.  When pushed, he reveals to Daniel that his plan is to destroy the abomination that is the Tamara avatar, though he says he doesn’t care what they do with Zoe. “Play house with her for all I care.”  But Amanda cares, and she doesn’t trust Sam.  She shoots him, sending him back to the real world.  Easy way to spend ten grand.  Then the dialogue gets clever.  Daniel says “Dear, we were negotiating!”  Funny.  Amanda shoots back, “How did you survive without me all these weeks?”   At least back in the real world, where there is real peril, Sam checks his messages and finds out his family is in trouble.

Odin leads Lacy out, only to pull a gun on her and force her to the ground.  He apologizes for what he’s about to do.  Where’s a U87 when you need one?

Amanda and Daniel are discussing strategy, and here is where the audience is supposed to toss away all believability.  Daniel reveals are an eleven hour walk away from Zoe’s fortress!  If you’re planning an ambush, why jump in so far away?  It’s not like Zoe hasn’t already proved she can detect when they show up.  Stupid.  Amanda’s strategy to wait her out, let her come to them, sounds like genius.

Diego and the other leader show up, urging Odin to pull the trigger and kill Lacy.  Odin chooses a side, firing the gun at the two men.  Too bad it wasn’t loaded.  He really isn’t a good student, is he?  They raise weapons.  The pair seem doomed.  But suddenly another group comes out of the shadows with weapons drawn.  Their fellow students.  They remembered to load bullets, and they’re pretty good shots.

The students are tempted to flee, but Lucy takes command.  “We’re not running.  Follow me.”  And they do.  Right into the cavern where all the robots are.  She starts them up.  “We’ve got work to do.”  And they follow her.  Lacy’s got herself an army.

Nestor’s still trying to break into the lab at the Graystone manor, but Amanda and Daniel are still waiting in V-World.  Amanda wants to know if Daniel will build a new body to house the Zoe!Avatar.  Inexplicably, they kiss.  Nestor gets one barricade open, but finds another behind it.  Amanda is cold and wants to go home, even more so when it starts to rain, the fire goes out and monster noises come out of the dark.  Nestor tries one more think to unlock the door and gets himself a major burn in the process.

Then Zoe arrives, holding a knife out to her parents.  “You can’t hurt me anymore.” But she’s clearly hurt, complaining they don’t want her since she’s just spare parts.  Amanda tears up, urges her daughter to look into her eyes and remember.  The rebellious teen calls her a stupid, disgusting cow, then drops the knife and hugs her mother.    It’s the fastest emotional turnaround in history.  The parents agree to leave, but say the door is open for her to come join them anytime.  Zoe says she’ll consider it.  Daniel and Amanda wake up to find their house in lockdown mode.

Joseph and Evelyn are in a car outside the clubhouse.  He tells her that if he isn’t back in 10 minutes, she should take Willy and leave. Sam arrives, in time for a brotherly hug.  They go in…

…just as the terrorist trio breaks through the barrier.  Olaf forces Amanda and Daniel onto their knees.  Nestor starts trashing the place to look for the missing holoband.  Amanda admits she doesn’t have it.  Clarice complains, “I loved you.”  They talk about Zoe, and Clarice declares neither of them knew her at all.  Seems Clarice knew Zoe was visited by angels.  At the mention of Zoe, the crashed U87 husk that Daniel’s been keeping in the lab twitches.  Suddenly Daniel begs Clarice to have mercy and says he wants to know the One True God.  He’s covering for the robot, hoping against hope the robot will save him.

He’s right.  Zoe!Avatar has taken them up on their invitation and come for a visit just in time.  She takes her unattached arm and ends Nestor’s life.  Dropping oil and carrying a bloody robot arm, she chases Clarice and Olaf out of the room, making sure Clarice knows who she is.  Then, the robot body collapses.  Amanda cradles it like a baby.  They all hop into V-World, this time to what they call the virtual home.  Zoe seems happy enough to listen to her dad make his pitch.  He wants to work with her to create a new robot body.  One with skin.  “A skin job,” she says.  When Daniel asks if she’s in, she doesn’t give him an answer.

Sam and Joseph get into the safe to get their money and IDs, but outside it’s been 20 minutes and Willy pays not attention to Evelyn.  He runs after his father and uncle.  The brothers aren’t alone.  More Ha’La’Tha thugs show up. There’s a gunfight.  We see Willy take a shot in the hand.  Joseph runs to his son as Sam finishes off the goons.  Then Willy collapses.  It’s an ugly wound, but he’s in much worse shape than he should be.  Willy’s been shot in the belly.  Joseph wants to take his soon to a hospital, but Sam realizes it’s too late.  Willy goes still and the brothers grieve.

Unless the next episode begins with a miracle, this William Adama cannot be THE William Adama we know from BSG.  So much for building model ships.  It turns out the nitpickers who said he was the wrong age and had the wrong eye colour were right.

Did that feel like a cheat to you?


  1. So now we know why Serge hasn’t been tweeting!

  2. I agree this episode was heavy on action and light on substance, but that’s to be expected heading into the finale. Having a second door Nestor had to hack through felt like stalling that had no reason to happen.

    NOOOO they killed Sergie! Those bastards! Who will fold the Graystone sheets now? Whyyyy??

    Sam only found out about the attack on Joseph et. al. when he took off the holoband? Don’t they have call waiting on Caprica? Daniel’s really not on top of things.

    I’m guessing the game won’t let you go in wherever you want, only at certain points, and that’s why the eleven hour walk.

    I’ve heard Nestor described as smoking hot before, never knew it was so literal.

    Liked Clarice’s declaration of love for Amanda. Followed by “I was more of a mother to Zoe than you ever were,” which was an “Oh, snap!” line if I’ve ever heard one.

    Luckily, even though Daniel and Amanda were unarmed, the U-87 was ARMed! *ba-dum-ch*

    Being shot in the belly is apparently a chronic condition for William Adama. The Ha’la’tha thug who shot him should have coffee with Sharon Valerii sometime, compare notes. I really don’t think it’s a different William Adama, I think they’ll figure out how to save him. I hope it’s not using Graystone resurrection technology, Adama is not a Cylon! Felt like a bit of a bit of a ploy to build suspense and make us tune in next week, although we “know” he survives. At least I thought I did, before I read your suspicions it’s not the same guy.

  3. OMOTG! I’m still hyperventilating from reading the synopsis. Can’t wait to see this episode. Thank you for getting this onto your blog so quickly.

  4. I quite liked both Spacepugs and Katherine’s reviews.
    The fact that they moved the plot along so quickly suggests we might get some closure. I’m all for that! This could have easily been two episodes, you’re right.

    There’s no reason to think that Odin failed to remember to load his gun. More probably Diego and company took the bullets out for his test, or possibly Odin knew exactly what was going to happen and that his gun wasn’t loaded, since six students came to their rescue with automatic weapons.

    The most painful moment of the show was Daniel biding his time for the U87 to come to his rescue. I don’t understand why one of the Willow’s didn’t just pull the trigger? They only needed Amanda, and could have left in a hurry. It would have been totally in character for Clarice to pull a Cain and just 187 his ass. Plot hole!

    I agree with Katherine. As much as I dislike this little Adama (still better than Anakin, mind you), I really don’t think Joseph fraks someone else to start a new family at this point. I don’t think it will take a miracle for Willy to come back to life either, simply a Grandma Ruth that knows CPR to show up in the nick of time. Heck, who knows? They could pull a Starbuck on us and OUR William Adama from BSG is an ‘Angel of God’. Either way, I’m thinking it isn’t the biggest plot development. (If he did have another kid, why name it Willy?)

    Thanks for blogging, Spacepug!

  5. Oh, and of course Serge transferred himself to V-World just before he died so Daniel can reincarnate him. He’s hoping for one of those “Skinjobs” so he can go on his date with Amanda and eventually start a group marriage! It was great to finally see one of his appendages!

  6. Oh, I forgot. FRAK YES LACY! That was by far the best development I could have hoped for!

  7. Hate to say it but Willie is not dead until Evelyn says he is. Is it possible that the gunshot wound has injured his spine. As we all know Amanda is some sort of surgeon, a neuro-surgeon hopefully and not a plastic surgeon. Maybe we might meet Dr. Cottle and find out if this is indeed the doctor of BSG fame?

    At least we finally get a hint of what the Gautrau’s name actually might be. In the past Fidelia has had a ‘fling’ with Joseph behind Shannon’s back. The question is did this relationship bear any ‘fruit’.

    For some reason I am thinking they did not introduce the lighter for nothing.

  8. From day one fans suspected that this William, given his age and his dark eyes, might not be our Bill Adama so this twist makes sense.

    It would also explain Evelyn being the admiral’s mother, the fact Bill never mentioned a sister, etc.

    Once upon a time people used “to remake the dead” by giving a newborn the name of a dead. The Italian merchants were famous for doing so in The Middle Ages. Could be a Tauron thing too.

    As for the model ships, I think the point was to show it was Evelyn who wanted Willie to be into it but he wasn’t interested. I bet she would teach her own son to like it though…

  9. Surprise! Surprise! The writers and producers have found a way to force a wedge between ‘Caprica’ and ‘Blood and Chrome’. If the new writers were not forewarned about the longevity of ‘Caprica’, wink-wink or nod-nod, they had a perfect way to ignore the old caste just simply drop in their lap. If Willy is not the Bill Adama then there is no excuse to make any of these characters important in the next prequel.

    I have always questioned the ‘Caprica’ timeline because it is more than broken to me. First of all ‘Daniel’ does not come across as that ‘sensitive, artistic individual ‘ that Ellen gushed about and that person that ‘Cavil’ wanted to murder. If Willy was seen building a model of the ‘Gallactica’ then I could see where the writers might of paid homage to the past and future shows. What I didn’t see was even a mention of any of the battle stars, their crews, or even of the vipers.

    According to BSG history, Eve-lyn married a Joseph and as a result William came about. Where Shannon fits in this family tree is even a bigger question to me? I don’t know but there are simple questions to be asked like: Did father Adama ever brag about being shot or did he ever mention saving the lives of his father or uncle to either Zak or Lee? So Eve-lyn’s brother has foxes. I wonder if he lives near a river somewhere on Tauron?

    In a previous show they virtually( sorry really) ripped the shirt off his back and Willy proudly walked out of the room. In retrospect it looked like he was trying to say,”Look at me, there is no bullet wound!” If this is not the Adama we know and love then why did they introduce a lighter into this situation. A lighter that some might recognize as coming straight out of BSG mythology.

    Like I have said in a previous post there is still a chance that this is truly the ‘Adama’ that will end up saving their world. I read somewhere that Amanda is either a plastic surgeon or a neurosurgeon of the highest abilities. Could it be by helping Willy, Amanda might meet Duram and he will tell them about the STO informer and the whereabouts of the ‘holoband’ and whether he threw it into the bushes?

    Questions and more questions! Then that’s it. Will we get a sniff as to who Marbeth’s child will grow up to be. We only have possibilities now and that is extremely sad.

  10. The creators already made it clear from the start that young Willie becomes Admiral Adama. As such, Sam’s prognosis notwithstanding, Willie will manage to survive. What becomes necessary to do so remains a mystery; odds are it will involve an eye transplant.

    Consider also: The “Husker” scenes during “Razor” shows a twenty-something Bill Adama going into his first Viper mission. If Kara Thrace’s record is any example, it would appear that Colonial fleet and Marine personnel spend some time as enlisted men before going onto OCS. As such, Ensign “Husker” Adama may have had a few ground-level scrapes with cylons before flight training. Now, Caprica takes place 56 years before The Fall, and four years before the First Cylon War. By that timeline any new children Joseph and Evelyn may have will likely still be in high school when the First Cylon War ends. Just a few thoughts, though; Apotheosis might shake things up some more.

    On a hopeful note: I want to think it was Sam who showed young Willie the foxes at his farm. Perhaps these last battles against enemies virtual and actual, along with the (likely) end of the Guatrau, pushes Larry to give Sam a “career or marriage” ultimatum. Evelyn may have a few brothers of her own, but Sam fits the role of “cool uncle” rather nicely for Willie. (And kudos to Sasha Roiz for pulling it off so well.)

  11. I’ve heard a lot of people say Willie Adama was building a ship in this episode. Watch again. Evelyn was the one building a ship, and Willie found it boring.

    People assume Wille was building the ship because that’s what they expect to see from “Bill Adama”. But I think the point of the scene was to hint that Willie isn’t Bill.

    We’ve known Willie for a while now, and at no point has he ever seemed like Bill Adama. (And nor has Bill seemed like Willie.) This plot twist makes a lot of sense.

    Bill Adama is obviously the younger brother of Willie (named in his honour). If he’s born in the next year, he’ll be the right age for BSG. Evelyn is his mother, as stated in BSG. Evelyn’s brother is the uncle he was fond of.

    He never knew Tamara, which is why he never mentioned her. His father left the mob (reluctantly) before he was born, which is why he never mentioned his family’s mob connections.

    “Willie Adama” was straining continuity for a bunch of reasons that had nothing to do with his eye colour. This plot twist restores continuity.

    I’m a little worried that Bill never mentioned his uncles Sam & Larry. I wonder if that means Sam gets killed soon.

  12. I recall reading something where Ron Moore mentioned that the show might very well explain why William has the wrong eye colour. This would also put a much firmer fit on why Evelyn is named as Bill’s mother on his dossier in “Hero”. Seems to me that there were signposts from the very start. I’m iffy on the whole bait-and-switch as long as the transition in “Apotheosis” (sadly, the only room left to punctuate the show) smooths it out so it doesn’t come off awkward. Seeing the process of this young man shaping up to be the Old Man is another reason why Syfy can suck it for their decision.

  13. Thank you to everyone for joining in the discussion. I think others have made the point better than I have that the scene with Evelyn and Willy at the beginning was HER building the boat and really hoping Willy was interested, when he wasn’t. I must admit, I do side with the faction that says this is not the Bill Adama we’ve met. I do think it’s one helluva stretch to say Bill Adama was less than 58 years old at the start of BSG, but the timing of what we know of the First Cylon War works better if our Bill hasn’t been born yet.

    Overall, I did find that the episode jumped around a bit too much, but that has happened on so many shows towards the end of a season when they’re trying to cram a lot in.

    I’m very curious to see what Lacy becomes. Leader of the STO? The one who betrays the Cylons, or the one who inspires them to find their own way? I think she will play a more pivotol role in history than any other character on the show.

  14. I’m still wavering on whether Willie Adama is the later Commander Bill Adama or if a yet to be born younger sibling is. If Evelyn marries into the family, Tauron tradition might make her the mother in law as well as reality. We could always get an appearance by a Dougie Howser version of Doc Cottle.

    Lacy is very likely to exterminate most of the STO … Clarice will escape for now, but sadly next week is the ultimate episode unless someone lops off a few heads at Syfy and whips out the checkbook.

    Is Barnabus alive? Who has Clarice’s holoband? Tune in next week for the last time to maybe get these questions answered.

    Oh, right … what is Tamara doing while Zoe is patching things up with her folks?

    Speaking of which, is Daniel the hybrid godling soaking in jello that showed up in the webisodes that Bill Adama ran into in the first Cylon war. Perhaps still working out how to make a proper skinjob for his little girl?

  15. Oh. my. gods. Every show has inconsistencies. This one is no exception. They’re already going to have to rewrite history to make Blood and Chrome work and to have the war not end after Husker’s first battle. You can’t always plan for every little thing, it happens. You say “A wizard did it” (And I’m quoting Lucy “Three” Lawless here) and you move the frak on. The age more or less adds up. Lots of people’s eyes gradually change colour over time, and they’re not gonna fire a child actor and/or jab their fingers into his eyes to put in contacts that’d look fake anyway just because the eye colour is wrong. Dexter from the eponymous show has three different eye colours at three different ages. Doesn’t act the same? Did you act the same as you do now when you were ten? In a way that could be convincingly replicated by a ten-year-old actor that you could find who just happens to have the right colour eyes and skin tone? I’m not saying there’s no chance it’s a different Bill Adama, just that it’s ridiculous to assume that it must be the case because of these trivialities. Lots of kids whose parents remarry when they’re young refer to their step-parent as their parent. We’ve already seen Adama survive a gunshot wound to the gut. He hasn’t mentioned his birth mother or sister because he was young at the time and it’s a painful thing to remember. He doesn’t mention the mob connections because he’s likely not aware of the full implications at this age and he wouldn’t want it to undermine his authority as Commander/Admiral. And he’s only mentioned his family at all a couple times (the fox story and his father being a lawyer,) so there’s no reason to expect him to mention these things. Why have him in the show if it’s not the same guy? Just to pull a surprise bait-and-switch on us? It’s not that kind of show. It’s about characters and relationships and the soul and technology and how changes in society can lead to upheaval, not OMG SURPRISE PLOT TWIST. Maybe it’s the same guy and maybe it’s not (probably it is, but I want to cover my bases because I don’t want you guys making fun of me in case I’m wrong) but assuming it can’t be is jumping the gun (er, poor choice of words there.)

  16. I have to say this group of people picked the most boring plot point possible in the ENTIRE series to fixate on. I’m an uber geek, so I’ll repeat my very fine point that suggests you’re ALL wrong about Willy not being the same person as Bill. Why the frak would a parent name another child after a deceased child? You name a child after a deceased beloved relative, favorite historical figure, because you like the name, but not your kid that already got knocked off. They don’t name cruise ships “Titanic” anymore!
    If this is another William Adama, I’m thinking more ‘divine intervention’ than ‘lets have another kid and name him William’.
    About the still more lame eye color argument, Nico Cortez has striking blue eyes, and as near as I can figure EJO has brown eyes. Its not at all clear since he rarely removed his glasses.

    Lacy taking control of the Cylons and hopefully wiping out the STO is a much better discussion topic. Just sayin…

  17. To settle the discussion since its driving me mad. I had a feeling that what happened with Willie explains differences between William Adama of Galactica and William Adama of Caprica. There was too much confusion in how it could work. It all corresponse with the dossier in “Hero” now. My guess is that “Blood and Chrome” may have Adama actually training on Galactica during the war even if he is 17 or 18. According to BSG Series Bible, he was 15 when he entered the academy. When the war began, Adama (BSG) would be about 5 or 6. Joseph most likely called this William in honour of his son its no great shock.

  18. Well, since William Adama is one of two primary tethers between the two shows and thus the entire mythology, it’s only natural to go on about it. But if anyone needs reassurance, check out the Battlestar Wiki (spoilers only for what everyone has been speculating about the Adama family). It confirms it. And before anyone butts in about reliability issues, the edits were made by the administrator who has access to the scripts and has viewed the episodes long before the public. I’d also like to point out that anyone who thinks that Joseph will allow his son to be rebuilt or virtually resurrected completely missed the point of the whole quest-for-Tamara arc. And I never read Sam as the same uncle with the farm and long suspected that it was his step-mother’s brother. Sam just doesn’t read as the type to retire out in the country. I see him as either going out in a blaze of glory for his planet or rising to a higher level of badass (maybe assuming the role of the Guatrau).

    The Graystone arc was pretty ripe, too. In one episode there goes Nestor and Serge, but here comes the skinjobs. Gotta wonder how that effects the Centurions’ experiments during the Cylon War and where Mom and Pop Graystone are at that time.

  19. Caprocaine : Battlestars were created to be an effective weapon against Cylons.. So if you see Battlestars during Caprica, you must be worried a little..

    Globally, I think this was a good episode. There were tensions with everybody, Adamas, Graystones, and Lacy.

    Lacy surprized me the most. I was never thinking of her as a leader before his arrival in STO’s camp. The sentence “When you’ll be in charge, you’ll run the things in your way” was a sort of prophecy. A prophecy like the necessity of Lacy to go to Gemenon.. Maybe Zoe was really talking to angels.
    You said “angels” ? A little disturbing, no ?

    Zoe and Daniel will work on skinjobs.. Wow !

    With all those plots, you’re interested to know if bill is bill or not. So exciting.. or not ! I think it’s a cliffhanger like always in BSG… A person shot, but not dead as always..

  20. BattlestarWiki has already posted that, according to the series “bible,” The Admiral is the second son of Joseph Adama. Evelyn, now listed as Joseph’s wife, is Bill Adama’s mother.

    To paraphrase South Park: “Oh My Gods! They Killed Willie!”

    While it’s good to fill in the continuity and appearance gaps I’m somewhat saddened by this. Sure, Sam could still be Bill’s “Cool Uncle,” but so could one of Evelyn’s brothers. Sad, that, as Sam and the Tauron culture he represented was one of the things about Caprica I most enjoyed. I want to think that Joseph Adama’s civil-rights work involved protecting Taurons from Caprican predjudice; alas, Caprica’s cancellation means we may never know…

  21. I was waiting for them to throw us a BSG ‘bone’.

    Come on now Yarrick you know we needed to, we wanted to, and expected to see the Galactica somewhere near the end of the season. When he was playing with the pieces from the model I sure thought that he would pull up the body of a Battle Star ship.

    If it takes 5 years to build a modern air craft carrier, then I would assume that the Galactica would take that long to be constructed. Unless of course they took a lot of shortcuts that wouldn’t normally show up.

    I think most people noticed that Evelynn was the one building the ship trying to entice him into helping out. The question is did she mention this ‘family’ of sailors in connection with her own Tauron beliefs that if she marries Joseph then she will indeed become part of the Adama family.

    The scene with the boat stopped when he mentioned that there were ‘air ships’ in New Cap City. If she was making that type of model then she would probably of had his attention.

    It certainly is looking bleak for Willy. If Evelyn is already pregnant and they name another boy ‘William’ would anybody complain? After all, Evelyn then would be the one and true mother to William Adama.

  22. @Mars @Scott Ash I do not accept Battlestar Wiki as an authority. It is a good information source, but even if an administrator has access to scripts and writer’s bibles doesn’t make it infallible. Many such things are subject to interpretation. Also, they forced them to take out nearly all of the edits on William Adama’s page in Battlestar Wiki. I’m not holding my breath for any outcome, but just cause you saw it on the internet, that doesn’t make it so!

    Note that mentioning ‘before somebody butts in…’ in your blog post didn’t work. As if a discussion board should be about proving your point and not discussing your point of view.

  23. I stand corrected (by myself). They did not remove any new information about Adama. I misunderstood another article in the Battlestar Wiki, I apologize That being said, I can not find any information suggesting Joe Beaudoin Jr (the person who edited the article adding William Adama’s half brother) is an authority on BSG with access to more information than the average fan. He appears to be a talented web designer, blogger and manager of information. His Linkedin profile states he’s “…nterested in utilizing his talents in the entertainment or publishing industry as a speculative fiction writer.” I have little to do tonight, being on holiday and snowed in. Sorry for putting to fine a point on it! I hope whatever they do with the character (or both characters), is relevant to the plot. I enjoy these discussions and hope no one is taking offence.

    On another note..
    We may have wanted to see Galactica, but I don’t think it was, or should have been in the cards. They only created the 12 Battlestars, one for each colony as the first war took hold and after the colonies united. Its unclear to be sure, but I think seeing another Battlestar (not Jupiter class) was not out of the question. Serge’s twitter feed (before he met his untimely demise) suggested that some of the Colonies have them, just like nations have aircraft carriers today, for peacekeeping and wars between the colonies. I’d love to see the 12 Battlestars with their names and the planet of their keeping in Blood and Chrome. Probably won’t happen, its not the BSG style, but the uber geek in me says ‘WOOT’ at the prospect.

  24. Hi William!

    I’m Joe Beaudoin Jr., project leader of the Battlestar Wiki website.

    I came across your comments today, and would like to address your concern regarding my credentials. First and foremost, I did create the BSG Wiki back in 2005, without any real connections to the show. Over time, I developed these connections and, eventually, even the writers and crew of the show began using our website as a reference whenever they needed to check up on something. (Back in the day, Bradley Thompson swung by and answered questions for us when time permitted, and when he was authorized to do so.) All this culminated into my being called upon to go up to Vancouver during the wrap of the series in order to sell off the assets of the show. At the beginning, I was directly responsible for not only building many of Propworx’s internal SOPs, but also had a direct hand in the content that made its way into the Propworx live auction catalogs, the eBay auctions that ran during the airing of the last half of Season 4, and… well, if it wasn’t for my efforts (and the efforts of people who believed in Propworx and the auctions), there wouldn’t be a BSG exhibit in Seattle’s Science Fiction Museum right now. I can say with pride that if it weren’t for my in-depth knowledge of BSG, those auctions wouldn’t have been successful as they were.

    Anyway, the point I’m hoping to make here is that I have culminated an extensive network of connections that range from the department heads, writers, advisers, and even a few people “in the know,” as it were, from all three BSG-related productions: the Re-imagined Series, Caprica, and Blood & Chrome.

    Further, I was given the last five episodes to watch before they aired on Space. (The only one remaining is the series finale “Apotheosis.”) I’ve seen them all. I’ll reserve my opinion on how the show was executed here, since that’s not what I’m here to discuss.

    I was also informed of Willie Adama’s death early on. I’ve known it for a good year now. In all honestly, it was one of the worst kept secrets from that show, outside of the real reason that Jane Espenson was removed as show runner from “Caprica.”


    So, just to be clear, Willie is dead. There are two (2) sons that Joseph has that he names after his own father.

    ORIGINALLY, the idea (and the belief that everyone had) was that Willie Adama was OUR Bill Adama… until they realized that they screwed up the timeline, and then they made the call to kill Willie. That’s the reason I was given by multiple sources. It wasn’t something that was planned from the get-go.

    ******END SPOILER*******

    Anyway, hopefully I’ve answered the question regarding my credentials and being an authority on the subject.

    • For whatever this may be worth, I’d like to thank you for the great work you’ve done with the Battlestar Wiki and hope you’ll keep it up no matter what Syfy does with the franchise.

  25. Thank you Mr. Beaudoin for your comments. I am new to this site so I will not try to ruffle your feathers. But does it sound logical that people want to be surprised once in a while.

    Yes, you have seen the scripts and interviewed the stars while us lowly beings just get to watch the shows. Don’t you think that your relevation could of waited another 5/6 days.

    In one of these posts I asked that the producers throw us a ‘bone’. I would like to change that now to something more like a stick. A very long one at that.

    I’m just joshing as I doubt that you are who you say you are. And if you are-good grief!


    As the author of this blog, let me make two things absolutely clear.

    1) I will not tolerate anything less than polite behaviour on this blog. I do not like the tone some recent comments have taken. Comment on the article and the content of the show, but please do not make personal comments about other people taking part in the discussion.

    Having said that, I can confirm the person posting above is indeed Joe Beaudoin, author of Battlestarwiki.

    2) This blog is full of SPOILERS and is indicated as such in several places in EVERY entry. Don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled.

    Quite frankly, this is my blog and I’ll turn off everyone’s ability to comment if this continues.

  27. I stand corrected. Mr. Beaudoin seems to, in fact, be an authority in BSG. I’d like to note that I was not attacking his credentials, he seems quite talented. I’ve quite enjoyed the battlestar wiki, and am grateful to it’s administrators and contributors. It’s good to know better the people behind it, thanks for enlightening and thanks for the great reference material!

    • You’re welcome! I didn’t feel that you were attacking my credentials at all, but I just wanted to address your concerns!

      Glad people still find the Wiki useful. Always nice for me and the Wiki’s contributors to hear. 🙂

  28. Just got caught up on this discussion and wow. Apologies if I’m one of the posters who came across as rude, spacepug, I didn’t mean to offend. And I knew I might come across spoilers here, so I can’t blame anyone else, but I still really wish I hadn’t read that. I need Boomer’s amnesia elephant, or to be an avatar so I can delete that file.

    I’d be lying if I said I was happy about this revelation, either. Taking away whatever character insights we could have gotten about Bill Adama #2 from this show (not that I can think of alot of them) for the sake of fixing a continuity error in the timeline seems odd, and not in keeping with the “care about the story, not fan demands” mantra that William is always griping about but I think is a good idea.

    This totally means Bill Adama = Earth. “Oh, did you think that this one is the one you’re familiar with, because it has the same name? Surprise, it’s a totally different one with the same name. We wrote ourselves into a corner and so we just threw this one away and started on a new one.” All of this has happened before…

    Nonetheless looking forward to the finale of this show I do genuinely respect and enjoy despite my complaints here. We’ll be sure to keep things civil from now on, spacepug!

  29. Just wanted to say thanks to Spacepug and everyone else here for your hard work and your contributions to this blog. For those of us in the states who didn’t get to see the last of the episodes, your reveals have been priceless! You guys ROCK!

    • Thank you. Much appreciated. I hope you enjoy the episodes when you finally do get to see them.

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