13th Colony on Twitter

December 17, 2010

While a few 13th Colonists have been on Twitter for awhile now, Vancouver’s Battlestar Galactica Fan Club now has it’s own Twitter account @13ColonyofKobol

Just because BSG and Caprica are no longer on the air doesn’t mean that the 13th Colony is going away.   We’ve got some exciting new adventures planned for 2011, and will continue to share them with our members across the globe, perhaps with some new formats.

In late January we’re planning to revisit the shooting location of the Fake Cylon Earth the fleet arrived at mid-way through Season 4 of BSG, where the Final Five found their birthplace and Starbuck discovered her ship and her self.   Just as Starbuck built a big bonfire on the beach to destroy what she found, we’re going to have a bonfire in her honour, offering up our own cardboard viper to the Gods.  It’ll be epic.  Frakkin’ cold, but epic.

Of course, you can still find us over at Meetup, Facebook, and of course, here on WordPress.

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