13th Colony heads to FanExpo

April 6, 2012

There’s a new convention coming to Vancouver, there will be Battlestar Galactica guests, so 13th Colonists will be there!

You may have heard of FanExpo, the biggest sci-fi/fantasy/comic convention in Toronto each summer, which last year drew 75,000 fans. This year, FanExpo is coming to Vancouver for the weekend of April 21/22. They are bringing in a variety of media guests, but the ones BSG fans care about are Aaron Douglas and Michael Hogan –   two Vancouver actors who made huge contributions to our favourite show.

Other guests include Adam West & Burt Ward (Classic Batman & Robin), Lou Ferrigno (Classic Incredible Hulk) as well as Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn and John DeLancie (Troi, Worf and Q from ST:TNG).   Check out the guest page here, and the incredibly low ticket prices here.

13th Colony is one of several local fan clubs participating in Fan Tables at the convention.  Look for us in the main Hall, at the B.I.F.F. table.  We guarantee some highly visible viper mechanics manning the table for at least a portion of the weekend.  Come out and show your support for 13th Colony, and other local sci-fi fan groups.

Let’s help FanExpo Vancouver make a big splash on the west coast!

One comment

  1. Sadly, Michael Hogan has had to cancel his appearance at FanExpo Vancouver this year. As far as we know, however, the Chief, Aaron Douglas, will be attending.

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