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Let There Be Toasters

September 9, 2008

by spacepug

What’s the point of having your very own Cylon Toaster if you can’t show it off?  Recently a hungry bunch of 13th Colonists gathered at the H R MacMillan Space Centre in Vancouver to chow down on Cylon branded toast, pop tarts and waffles at the Toaster Toast Party.  The waffles ended up looking a bit like modern art, a pop tart exploded but the plain bread was markedly improved by the addition of a scary centurion staring out at us!

Of course, I had to get our very own customized 13th Colony toast out to the masses too!

Over breakfast, we had some great discussions about what is to come in the second half of the final season, and we were able to get a fresh new perspective thanks to yet more visitors from afar….Tom from New Mexico and Alan from Florida.  Great to meet you guys!

BSG fans rule….and Cylons DO taste better with strawberry jam….yum!



September 5, 2008

One of the members of our 13th Colony Facebook group has been on set for a couple of weeks helping with the high-res digital photography of all of the BSG sets.  According to him, yesterday was the day the Combat Information Centre set was to be demolished at Vancouver Film Studios.

RIP CIC.  What a great set.  Sorry to see it go.

Since filming has not yet begun on the additional BSG movie, guess that means no CIC scenes.


Another Bridge to Find

September 3, 2008

A trio of hardy 13th Colonists made a long trek (6.5km each way) on foot into the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (known to locals as the Seymour Demonstration Forest) to find yet another Battlestar Galactica shooting location from Season One.

This is a picture from the episode “Six Degrees of Separation” where Helo and Sharon hide on one of the pylons of a bridge while Centurions pass by above them.

This is a picture we took of the Spur 4 bridge, which we were directed to by one of the park rangers. (Note: showing regular people screen shots using a cool gadget like an iPod Touch makes it seem much less geeky and illicits a better response than just asking.) The railing on the bridge is different, but is obviously a recent addition.

The kicker is, the way the bridge was integrated into the scene in the show, we thought it should have a bunch of red pillars beneath it. Clearly it does not. So, we still have one more bridge to find, likely close by.

I sense more long hikes in my future.