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Got 12 million cubits?

August 7, 2010

Want to buy a piece of Battlestar Galactica history? Well, if you’ve got $12 million burning a very big hole in your wallet, you might want to consider shelling out for the mansion that was used as the Greystone manor in the pilot episode of Caprica.

News of the sale comes via this story at Airlock Alpha blog, but I would also urge BSG/Caprica fans to take a look at the real estate listing. Of course, if you know any multi-millionaire geeks who need a new mansion, consider it your duty to bring this one to their attention. Very pretty pictures.


Too Frakkin’ Cute

August 3, 2010

Found my way to Cyberdrone’s Gallery and checked through the designs for his custom made “CubeeCraft” figures. He’s got tons of sci-fi characters to choose from, including those from Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and many others. Of course he has Battlestar Galactica Cylons!

If you check on the Sci-Fi Custom CubeeCraft category, and go to the second page, you will find designs for both silver and gold Centurions.

Enjoy! Frik and Frak give the result their seal of approval!