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A Caprican Halloween

October 21, 2008

Cylon ScaryAt some point in Battlestar Galactica’s timeline, were Caprican children frightened into bed by tales of Cylon bogeymen hiding in the shadows on All Hallows Eve?  Did a proud Pikon child dress up as a Colonial warrior to go out Trick or Treating?  We will likely not see a Halloween themed episode of Galactica… ever, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to give up the chance to dress up like our favourite characters!

The 13th Colony is hosting a BSG themed Halloween party at a local café.  We’re taking over the place on a Saturday night, and so far it looks like we’ll have both Colonials and Cylons in attendance.  It’s a costume party, so naturally there will be a costume contest with a variety of prizes to be won.  There’s a big screen TV, so we’re going to show what we think are the scariest BSG episodes.

If you want to join us, head over to the Meetup event page or the Facebook event page and RSVP.


Bear in the Pacific Northwest

October 6, 2008

Quite frankly, bears are common in our neck of the woods, but the arrival of this one is a special event.

Bear McCreary, composer for Battlestar Galactica and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, is going to be appearing at the Sci-Fi Museum in Seattle as part of their “Exposed: Inside Film” speaker series on Wednesday October 15th at 7pm.  In his blog story here, Bear promises the evening ‘s discussion will be wide-ranging and insightful for any BSG fan.

The event is free for EMP/SFM members, and only $5 for the general public.  For more info, check here.


It’s A Wrap

October 2, 2008

According to our source, filming on the BSG TV movie, “The Plan,” wrapped up in the wee hours of Wednesday morning with a complex outdoor location shoot in one of Vancouver’s suburbs, involving many extras and lots of explosions.  Going out with a bang or two, it sounds like.

Once again, we’re sorry to see it all come to an end, but will eagerly await the results!