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“Perfection Achieved. End of Line”

March 30, 2009

by spacepug


fanforumcylonIt was an amazing experience. 110 enthusiastic Battlestar Galactica fans jammed into LaFontana Caffe in Burnaby, chanting “So Say We All” for the benefit of a live television viewing audience across Canada.  I’m proud to say we gave our favourite show the frakkin’ good send-off it deserved.
Space Channel did their first ever fully live, coast to coast event called the “Fandom Forum” after the airing of the final episode of Battlestar Galactica.  The discussion was based in their studio in Toronto, but Vancouver provided a number of live interludes, and most of the entertainment value.   The 13th Colonists in Vancouver really stepped up.  With a little less than two weeks to prepare, we had many people in costume, lots of BSG decorations, and our very own hybrid.  Seth had them in stitches in Toronto when he delivered his opinion of the last episode, “Perfection achieved.  End of line.”   Of course, that may have had something to do with fans wondering just where Natasha Eloi had put her hand when it went into the tub of “goo.”

fanforumhybrid1Natasha impressed all of the 13th Colonists with her wit and enthusiasm.  Many of the people who got to meet her seemed as “wowed” as they might have been had one of the actors from the show been present.  The night was all about the fans, and none of us will ever forget the experience.  Space was thrilled with the Vancouver contribution to their show, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see further collaborations between Space and the 13th Colony in the future.

And yes, the topper had to be when Ron Moore came on and thanked the Canadian fans, including the 13th Colony, for their support of Battlestar Galactica.  You are very welcome, Mr. Moore.  You and the rest of the cast & crew have given us so many hours of amazing quality television in return.  We’ll be talking about this show for a long time, and we’ll keep the friends we’ve made through BSG fandom for even longer than that.

fanforumlafontanaWe can rightfully say that the 13th Colony is the biggest BSG fan club in Canada.  The last episode may have aired, but we’re not going anywhere.  Caprica, The Plan…we’ve got plenty to do.

“So Say We All!”

We slayed 'em in TO

We slayed 'em in TO


Journey Completed

March 22, 2009

"Yep. They're definitely filming 'Caprica' over there."

by millari

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Note: This is a review of the BSG episode “Daybreak Pt. 2”. Do not read this if you do not wish to be spoiled for the episode. Read the rest of this entry ?


Space Visits the 13th Colony

March 17, 2009

We’ve been planning our Battlestar Galactica Finale party for months, and now Space Channel‘s getting in on it.

natSpace is sending Natasha Eloi out to join us for The Frakkin’ End on Friday March 20th, and she will be reporting live from our location during the one-hour Fandom Forum after the show airs.  If you’re not one of the lucky people who gets to participate at the CTV studios in Toronto, or our Vancouver event, the forum will also be streaming live at The forum broadcast starts at 8pm PDT, 11pm EDT, following the two-hour finale of Battlestar Galactica.

We’ll be packed in tight at LaFontana thanks to the enthusiastic response from Vancouver’s sci-fi community, and it promises to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  To our knowledge, Space has never recognized a fan club in this way, and we are truly honoured they’ve chosen us.

We’ll have a special BSG menu including ambrosia, lots of people in BSG costumes, the largest collection of BSG mini-mates ever assembled in one place, and a special guest…our very own hybrid.

Tune in, geek out!  So say we all…


Turning Points

March 16, 2009
Turns out it wasn't just about the hot sex for Caprica and Baltar. No really.

Turns out their connection wasn't just about the hot sex. No, really.

by millari
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Note: This is a review of the Battlestar Galactica episode “Daybreak Pt. 1”. Do not read if you do not wish to be spoiled for this episode. Read the rest of this entry ?


Embrace Death?

March 8, 2009

Cheer up, emo kid. I got drinkin' to do.

Cheer up, emo kid. I got drinkin' to do.

Spoiler Alert: This is a review for the episode, “Islanded in a Stream of Stars.”

I enjoyed this week’s episode almost as much as it drove me crazy. One moment, it was pulling at my heartstrings. The next, it was trying to make me laugh, then turned right around and made me angry. But most of all, it just left me wanting to know more. Read the rest of this entry ?


Number Six Goes Green

March 4, 2009

The colour most often associated with the character of Six on Battlestar Galactica has got to be red, for that sexy dress she was wearing when we were first introduced to the character.  Yet the actress who plays her is definitely shifting to green.

greenchainposter_smallThis Friday, Vancouverites are lucky to see Tricia Helfer in a movie called The Green Chain, opening at the 5th Avenue Cinemas.  The film was a hit on the festival circuit awhile back, and has finally won a wider release in Canada.  Tricia plays a star who comes to a small forestry town to protest logging and get some publicity, while her Battlestar Galactica co-star, Tahmoh Penikett, plays a fire fighter.

The official website says the director and cast will be on hand for a Q & A session after the 7:10pm showing this Friday night, March 6th.  Tricia’s busy working in LA, but there is a chance that Tahmoh will make it up, depending on his schedule.  The writer/director, Mark Leiren-Young, will be on hand for a number of the screenings over the weekend, as well as other guests representing the David Suzuki Foundation, Greenpeace and the Western Canada Wilderness Committee.  I’ve also been told that a portion of all proceeds will go to the Stanley Park Fund.

Keeping with the green theme, Tricia Helfer has spent a lot of time recently in the press talking of her plans to build an eco-friendly home in her native Alberta.  There’s a website up now, called


Never Trust an Eight

March 2, 2009
What betrayal looks like

What betrayal looks like

A review of “Someone to Watch Over Me” by Gem

I may be in the minority here, but I really wasn’t feeling this week’s episode. It had some great moments, but overall I felt like it dragged on. I was expecting more with only four episodes left. It didn’t need to be action-packed or anything, however the plot could’ve progressed a bit further in my opinion.

(Spoilers Behind the Cut)

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