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One Night on Caprica

April 25, 2009

by spacepug

capricaviewingAs expected, our Caprica viewing party was a big draw.  43 of Vancouver’s 13th Colonists  came out, eager to see if they’ll have a new show to follow next year, one that will capture their imagination and loyalty the way Battlestar Galactica did.   The reaction was overwhelmingly positive, with most people saying the pilot either met or exceeded their expectations.

I didn’t give in to the urge to watch the bootleg version of Caprica when it appeared online prematurely, though I had seen a couple of scenes that were leaked months ago.  I figured I had seen just enough to help me choose decorations and a theme for the 13th Colony’s Caprica viewing party.  I was quite proud of the glowing blue infinity symbol we suspended below the TV and the paper lanterns dangling from the ceiling to represent the 12 colonies.

Then I got the brilliant idea to turn the viewing party into a dance party….since I had seen a couple of flashes of what looked like a nightclub scene.  I told my members “we’re going to show those crazy Caprican kids that we also know how to get down.”

If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know why I have since decided we have nothing new to show “those crazy Caprican kids” and quite frankly, I would prefer not to mix my dancing with v***** s********.

So, even though there will surely be more Caprica in our plans, there won’t be any more Caprican dance parties.  But it was kinda fun to spin “Mr. Roboto” by Styx just one more time…


Caprica off to a good start

April 21, 2009

by spacepug

capricaThe creative team behind Caprica, the new prequel series, has explained one of the reasons behind the early release of the Caprica pilot onto DVD is a desire to gauge fan reaction for the forthcoming series.  They needn’t have worried.  I believe most Battlestar Galactica fans will watch the new series, and it may stand a better chance of garnering a mainstream audience.  Why?  Because it’s good drama.   Compelling characters caught up in interesting conflicts, even if there are no spaceships in sight.

Behind the cut are my thoughts on the pilot episode.  It’s a detailed review and therefore contains spoilers.

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We found Earth!

April 7, 2009

Specifically, we finally got out to Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen to see the “Earth” locations from Battlestar Galactica, including the spot where Kara found…herself, and the beach where the crew realized just how desolate a place their journey had led them to.


Spacepug's "We Found It!" look

karatree2Funny, Kara didn’t seem nearly so happy to have ended up at the same place. The beach is part of Boundary Bay park, located about 30 minutes south of Vancouver and very close to the ferry terminal for the Vancouver-Victoria run.

It’s harder to show comparison shots of the beach, since the ruins and CGI elements aren’t there as reference markers, so you’ll have to take my word for it that it is easy to tell you’re in the right place.  Well worth a field trip, it is certainly a beautiful spot.

There are more photos here.